Red Alert! Boycott Made In China

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Boycott Made In China Products K9 Killers!

Rat Poison from China in Pet Food Kills Dogs/Cats in America!

Alert! Rat poison has been found in pet food which have ingredients made in China. Please watch this video and check your dog and cat food and remove any of the recalled brand named products.

The usage of insecticides, herbicides and other poisonous chemical substances is not regulated in communist China. Nor is the ingredience of pet food regulated by the FDA. Hence there is great danger that our cats and dogs are being poisoned by food that contains not only rat poison but other toxins and carcenogines. This may explain why lymphoa cases in dog and cats have been on the rise.

Please, join the boycott of all products made in China, especially products made with animal fur and canine by-products! Urge that legislation be adopted which will safe guard our dogs and cats from tainted products made in China. Unless this is done now, more dogs and cats will probably die in the future because of this problem.

This is a vital issue for all pet owners. We should be making pet food using products that are EQUALLY SAFE FOR BOTH PETS AND HUMANS! What if a baby accidently eats some pet food contaminated with rat poison or other harmful chemical agents? It is simply not acceptable to be permitting pet food to be made using unsafe products made in China. This is a classic example of how big corporations have moved their production to China to avoid regulated industries and exploit people and their pets in the process. It needs to stop!

This requires that all pet owners join the general boycott of products made in China! Contaminated pet foods have already killed many cats and dogs in America. How many more innocent pets must die before Americans will stand up to big corporations and say STOP THE KILLING! Please consider this issue seriously and boycott China!

Dogs Slaughtered in China!

Red China bludgeoned 50,000 precious dogs to death! This demands an international boycott!

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Boycott Made In China K9 Killers!

The heartless beating to death of over 50,000 dogs in Red China between July 26-30, 2006 represents one of the most inhumane acts and cruelty toward animals and their owners commited by a communist government in history! This barbaric act should not go unpunished. I call upon everyone who learns of this and is a canine lover to boycott all products made in China for the duration of their life times -- or until the communist government is ousted from power in Red China!

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Fig. 1 Officials employed by the Red Chinese communist government went door to door confiscating dogs, then beat the dogs to death upon the street, often in front of their owners, in southwest China's Yunnan province. The killing spree began on July 26, 2006 and the slughtering of beloved pets went on for five days until over 50,000 dogs were savagely killed! Photo Courtesy of EyePress/AP

To promote the boycott of made in China products, I have created a series of Boycott K9 Killer design items. All procedes will be used to raise awareness and encourage everyone to boycott made in Red China goods.

I urge everyone to also begin to purge themselves of any products made in Red China. If you have cloths or other items made in Red China burn them! Gather together with friends and make a public burning and destroy all made in Red China goods. Replace them with Made In America products.

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Fig. 2 After dogs were torn from their owners and savagely beat to death in front of men, women and children who weeped and pleded for their pet's lives, their battered bodies with broken bones and skulls were thrown into trucks, the flesh to be processed for eating and the fur to be harvested for usage in commerce. Photo Courtesy of EyePress/AP

We must show outrage for the way the Red Chinese government treats dogs. There is no reason nor excuse for beating 50,000 dogs to death. This is not how you prevent rabies which can be transmitted by many wild animals.

Visit these sites to get your Boycott K9 Killer items today and join the movement to oust the Red Chinese government today!

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Boycott K9 Killers!

Boycott K9 Killers Commie Red
Boycott K9 Killers Skyblue
Boycott K9 Killers Sinful Cyan
Boycott the Games 2008 Flag
Boycott the Games 2008 Flag First Edition

Bumper Sticker Size Designs

Join the movement! Boycott Made In China products to protest the killing of 50,000+ dogs by communist government officials! Put these bumper sticker designs on you automobile or truck. Display these items everywhere! Do not stop until the communist goverments is ousted!!!

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Boycott Made In China Products K9 Killers!

Boycott Made In China K9 Killers Mystic Red
Boycott Made In China K9 Killers Skyblue
Boycott Made In China K9 Killers Exotic Jade
Boycott Made In China K9 Killers Commie Red

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Protest cruelty to animals and inhumanity to people by urging everyone to boycott Red China

Boycott Red China Flag Design
Boycott Red China K9 Killers Flag Design
Boycott Made In China K9 Killers Flag Design
Boycott Red China They Eat Dogs
Boycott Red China Dog Genocide Flag Design
Boycott Red China Buy Made in USA Flag Design
7/29/2006 - 50,000+ Dogs Killed In China Flag Design

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Take a stand by encouraging everyone to boycott the Olympics to be held in Beijing during the summer of 2008!

Boycott the Games 2008
Boycott the Games 2008 - White Font

Other political actions you may take

  1. Letter writing campaigns. Writing a letter to the editor of major newspapers and media can help enlighten and inform readers. Your letter can be easily submitted to hundreds of newspapers. Just write a 250 word letter with a link to this site at and send your letter via email to hundreds of newspapers. You can generate your own email list of newspapers/editors using the service at the Media Awareness Project. Use the MAP email search directory and do a two letter search for your state as FL, TX, CA, NY or IL. This will generate an email list that you can cut/paste and save as a text file. Then you can use this email list in your address book of groups to send your letter to the editor. Other good searches are for names of newspapers such as SUN, POST, TRIBUNE, DAILY, CHRONICLE, HERALD, ADVERTISER, ADVOCATE, JOURNAL, GUARDIAN, VOICE or NEWS. Be sure to include your real name, home address and phone number as many newspapers will want to varify that you are the author and give you notice that they will print your letter. The MAP site also has very good information that can help you to write better editorial letters. Remember to include a link to the Boycott Made in China site at so that people will be able to visit this link, see photographs of dogs being killed, research the topic and become better educated. Over time this will have a great effect as each letter on this issue that is published will reach tens of thousands of people. In this way over time more people may become active and help promote the effort to boycott China in protest of the inhumane killing of dogs and how this practice terrorizes pet owners. Note: when using MAP to generate email list you may need to edit the resulting list to add a comma between each entry before droping it into the "send" or "groups" section of your email server or address book. Also some ISP like AOL may only permit sending 25 emails per letter, and may flag your account if you try sending too many emails at once. This is done to avoid spam and/or for other security reasons. You should contact your ISP to be sure there is no limit placed upon the number of emails you can send or to check to see if there are limits. Also some newspapers will only publish letters that are sent exclusively to them, in which case you may wish to vary your letter and submit it as an exclusive to only a single newspaper.

    You can also contact members of the Senate or locate your representative in Congress and address a letter to them such that they become aware of how dogs are being killed by the tens of thousands in China. You may wish to encourage them to support legislation that imposes: (1) trade sanctions against China (2) a general boycott of products made in China (3) prohibits import of canine by-products (4) prohibits import of any products with dog meat and (5) urges that they support the over throw of the corrupt communist government in China and a policy which does not negotiate or do business with corrupt government officials who have a record of participating in the killing of dogs for profit.

  2. Refuse to go to the Olympics in China in 2008 and withdraw all support of the 2008 Olympics games in Red China.

  3. Write the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC or London and express your outrage over the killing of over 50,000 dogs by order of communist government officials! Let them know that you plan to boycott products made in China and that you will encourage your family, friends and associates to do the same. Read and remember, Boycotts Do Work! How to effectively protest the killing of dogs in China. This article has the address and phone numbers of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C.

  4. Write you Congressman and call for a boycott of all products made in Red China.

  5. Refuse to buy any products knowingly made in China.

  6. Stop shopping at Wal-Mart which buys a majority of goods made in China.

  7. Write the US Olympics committee and urge that the United States teams withdraw from participation in the 2008 games in Red China. Get Boycott the Games 2008 items and help promote a boycott of the 2008 games in Beijing, China.

  8. Destroy all products in your home that were made in China and replace them with products made in the United States. This will also boost the American economy.

  9. Hold public meetings, ralleys and gatherings and burn, bash and destroy products made in China.

  10. Start Internet sites promoting the Boycott K9 Killers movement and linking to the home page of the Boycott K9 Killers movement at

  11. Buy Boycott K9 Killers movement merchandise to help promote awareness and fund this project.

  12. Support this project to protest the killing of dogs in Red China by communist government officials. Please take a stand and help raise $10 million to fund the Boycott K9 Killers movement and other humanitarian projects.

  13. Distribute copy of this annoucement via email to everyone you know, especially dog lovers!

  14. Read Dog Is God Spelled Backwards and share this link with all your friends and associates

  15. Post a FREE ANNOUNCEMENT about the international movement to boycott products made in China upon your web site, home page or other Internet site. You may freely copy this page and code and repost the image and HTML code on your site.

  16. Help sound the alarm. Issue RED ALERTS to your friends, associates and dog lovers everywhere. These free announcements may be cut/paste into email, posted on forums, in blogs, newsgroups or anywhere else upon the Internet. All dog lovers are askes to help post RED ALERTS. Plus you can write your own RED ALERTS and link to this site at

  17. Distribute FREE ADS. You may cut/paste selected FREE ADS into email, newsgroups, blog comments, classified spaces on the Internet or anywhere else that permits advertising. The more people who help distrubute FREE ADS than the faster the word will spread to sound the alarm. Dog killing in China is not going to stop unless millions join the protest around the world. You can help by distributing Free ADS.

  18. Petition to Boycott Products Made In Red China Everyone who supports this effort is asked to print out and circulate the Petition to Boycott Products Made In Red China in protest of the brutal killing of tens of thousands dogs for profit by corrupt communist government officials. After getting as many signatures as you can you should make a duplicate Xerox copy of the petition and send it to members of Congress urging that they adopt legislation to: (1) Prohibit trade in canine by-products (2) Boycott goods made in Red China (3) Make it illegal to eat dog meat in America and/or rear and kill dogs for their meat and (4) not to negotiate with communist government officials who participate in the killing of dogs for profit; but rather, to vocally and strongly advocate the overthrow of the corrupt communist government.

  19. Print out and distribute Stop Canine Genocide a press release by Terry Lynch which reveals the true reason behind the killing of thousands of dogs in China. Give copy of this press release to all media including newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations and Internet site publishers. Also send copies to your state and US congressional representative asking that they take action to pass new trade laws which prohibit trade with China. A text version of this document is available at Stop Canine Genocide (Text Copy)

  20. Read Lucky to be an American Dog. Forward this to members of Congress, local media, newspapers and all dog lovers.

  21. Read Boycott China Campaign and join the movement to oust the communist government in Red China.

  22. Download Yahoo IM or other programs that give access to chatrooms and cut/copy/paste messages in China and other chatrooms, forums or newsgroups. This is a great way to reach people in China and other nations and urge them to participate in the Boycott China Campaign. You can write your own message to drop into chatrooms, newsrooms or other on-line forums. Or you can copy/paste the messages below and drop them into any chat room, forum or newsgroup:

    Visit Boycott China at and help end the senseless killing of dogs in China.

    Stop the brutal killing of dogs in China. Please visit to learn how you can help.

    Visit and learn how you can help stop cruelty to animals in China.

  23. Write letters to major corporations which do business in China and urge that they stop carrying all products which contain animal fur or canine byproducts.

  24. Start a boycott china forum and encourage discussion and debate related to Red China, its terrible human rights record and cruelty to animals.

  25. Update Wikipedia to advocate that people stop eating dogs! Advocates for eating dog meat are using the on-line Wikipedia to promote and justify the eating of dog meat based upon such illogical reasoning as the fact that dogs have been slaughtered and used for food for thousands of years and that millions of dogs are regularly killed for their meat annualy in a number of countries, as if the practice itself by a particular culture justifies the practice (a form of illocial, circular reasoning). People have also been killed and murdered for thousands of years, but this does not make killing people moral or justifiable! Efforts to update the Wikipedia to express an alternative point of view have resulted in censorship. Everyone who loves dogs and does not believe that the Wikipedia should be used to promote the eating of dog meat are asked to please help visit the dog meat post and add the following codes:

    In 2006 corrupt communist government officials ordered the killing of tens of thousands of dogs under the false pretense that this would be effective in the control of rabies, taking pet dogs from the homes of owners and bludgeoning them to death, marketing the canine by-products for huge profits. This has resulted in the call for an international boycott of products made in china (

    Modern Trends

    ==Modern Trends==
    * Boycott Made In China K9 Killers at to protest the killing of hundreds of thousands of dogs by corrupt communist Chinese officials who are profiting directly by the brutal bludgenoning to death of dogs often in front of owners, then using the harvest to produce commercial dog by-products for profit, lying to the public through a clever propaganda campaign based upon rabies scare. Project K9 ( founder and animal rights advocate Terry Lynch ( has called for an international boycott of all products made in Red China to protest the canine genocide for profit and the eventual overthrow of the communist government that is using the killing of pet dogs to enrich their coffers and maintain power and control over helpless people.


    ==External links==
    * [ Boycott Made In China ] Protest for profit killing of tens of thousands of canines in Red China by corrupt communist government officials.
    * [ Sirius Global Animal Organisation] UN recognised charity campaigning to end the use of dogs for meat.
    * [ Cruelty to Animals in Vietnam. A Graphic series of photos showing Vietnamese preparation of dog carcass for consumption]


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Boycott Made In China K9 Killers!

You may find more great Boycott Made In China K9 Killer designs at these sites:

Boycott Made In China Blue Dog
Boycott Made In China Skyblue
Boycott Made In China Exotic Jade
Boycott Made In China Mystic Red
Boycott Made In China Deep Violet

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Boycott Made In China Save Dogs!

This design features an all seeing dog, a black German Shepherds. The design comes in a number of variations. The all seeing dog has reported that corrupt communist government officials are using the rabies scare in China as an excuse to kill thousands of dogs from which they profit greatly, given the furs and meat are marketed. Also this serves to terrorize the people who use dogs as companions and to guard their homes and property. So by killing the dogs the corrupt communist government officials not only make great monitary profit, they strike fear and terror into the hearts of the people. This also teaches the dog killers to more easily follow orders that they can kill people without any remorse or conscience.

Please help raise awarness and save the dogs that are being massacred in China that greedy communist government officials may profit!

Anti-Commie Designs

Instead of letting up corrupt communist government officials are increasing the killing of dogs! This is being done for profit to the tune of millions of dollars using as propaganda the rabies scare and marketing fur, skins and bone byproducts! This demands a strong response from the free world and equally strong display of anti-communist regime designs.

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Kill the Commies Not the Canines!

This design features golden canine paws superinmposed over the Red Chinese communist flag with the slogan "Kill the Commies Not the Canines! The dogs being killed and their corpses processed and marketed for profit can not speak for themselves. But you can be sure that if they could they would call for the killing of those corrupt communist officials who are exterminating them and using the rabies scare to justify their canine genocide!

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Kill the Commies Not the Dogs!

This design features golden canine paws superimposed over the Red Chinese communist flag symbolic of the fact that dogs are of higher value that is the doctrine of communism which does not value individual human life any more than it does the lives of canines! Please buy and display these items to help raise awarness!

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Stomp Out K9 Killers!

Let's take action and stomp out the K9 Killers in communist China! This is a brutal regime of corrupt officials from the top on down! These are not people that can be delt with as they do not value individual life and are lying through their teeth while they kill tens of thousands of dogs for profit, putting out propaganda to make the rest of the world think this is done to control rabies which is an utter lie! Stomp out the K9 Killers before they start killing people next!

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Boycott China K9 Killers!

This design features "Boycott China K9 Killers" superimposed over the Red Chinese communist flag and calls for a boycott of China, the K9 Killers! Also featured is a link to this site to help raise awareness, educate and inform the general public, that they may come to this site for tools, resources and information, that thru empowerment of the people there may be enlightenment and the world may cry out to stop the killing of dogs in China for profit!


Please take a moment to learn more about this critical issue. The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and ASPCA have published position papers stating that culling of dogs is NOT an effective way to control rabies; that the most effective way to control rabies is a vaccination program. Their position on the killing of 50,000 dogs in Mouding county in Yunnan province in southwestern China is:

Also anonymous sources inside China say that communist government officials are planning more mass exterminations of dogs and that as many as 500,000 dogs may be killed in the future. This in not an unprecidented event. In December 2003 over 170,000 dogs were killed! According to Brakke Consulting's Animal Health News:

We now know that when such reports go out patrols armed with clubs go about beating all dogs to death regardless of their vaccination status; that dogs are killed in front of their owners and that the dogs thus killed are probably processed for their fur and meat which is eatten in China. Therefore it is highly likely that corrupt communist government officials get kick backs and profit from ordering the culling of mass numbers of dogs, using rabies as an excuse, when certainly they know that culling is NOT an effective control measure for rabies!

If you did not read the initial reports about the killing of 50,000 dogs in China see:

CHINA - 50,000 dogs killed to fight rabies

China dog cull brings heartbreak: CNN Report

China Slaughters 50,000 Dogs CBS/AP Report

China has long been known for its abusive treatment of dogs. North Korea is another nation known to abuse dogs. Everyone is urged to learn about this issue and boycott products made in China in protest of the terrible way dogs are being abused!

You may wish to explore this matter further at these sites:

China and Dogs via Google

China and dogs via Yahoo

China and animal abuse

Sirius Global Animal Organisation UN recognised charity campaigning to end the use of dogs for meat

Cruelty to Animals In Vietnam Graphic series of photos showing Vietnamese preparation of dog carcass for consumption

NSPCA Joins Call For Boycott

NSPCA joins call for boycott of all products made in China August 4, 2005 the NSPCA issued call for international boycott of made in China products while sources say over 500,000 dogs may soon be killed, ten time the 50,000 killed in a five-day massacure in Mouding county in Yunnan province in southwestern China. This should sound the alarm that dog cullings are being done for profit by corrupt communist government officials!

Corrupt Officials Order Media Blackout of Future Dog Cullings!

500,000 dogs ordered killed in media blackout! Communist government officials have ordered the killing of 500,000 more dogs, ten times the number already killed in late July of 2006! After the public outrage at the killings in Yunnan, officials in eastern Jining have ordered a media blackout on the cull, giving permission only to one local newspaper to send its reporters to write about the slaughter.

It is vital that all dog lovers immediately join in the international boycott of all products made in China! Please support this project to raise awareness and stop this abuse of canine companions. The fact that corrupt government officials have ordered a media blackout of future dog cullings shows our efforts are working. Please help raise awareness and shine a light upon this corruption. Let everyone know what is happening and call for an end to all trade with China!

China has a long history and black-market that involves killing dogs and the trade in canine byproducts. A media blackout obviously was established to cover-up what is happening. In Red China large profits are made from dealing in canine fur, skins and byproducts; this is a fact, not conjecture! Unless the rest of the free world speaks out against this carnage it will likely continue with an increased number of dogs being killed to provide fur, skins and other canine byproducts, many of which will end up on products in Wal-mart, Macy's and perhaps even as stuffed animals or handbags sold at Disney World!

The Rest of the Story: Video Records

Warning! These videos related to dog and cat killing in China which is associated with the fur trade and the fact animals skinned alive and tortured are cooked and consumed by the Chinese are very graphic, disturbing and shocking to watch! However, those who endeavored to produce these videos have done a good job to tell the rest of the story, to show what is happening in China to man's best friend. Please watch these videos and then consider taking action to boycott China! At the very least put a bumper sticker upon your car or wear a T-shirt to make others aware of the cruelty which is being done to dogs, cats and other animals in China.

Click on GONE VIRAL to view video Protest song with graphic video of dog kills in China

Click on GONE VIRAL to view video PETA China Dog and Cat fur trade. Trent Reznor narrates a Peta video on China's cat and dog fur trade

Click on GONE VIRAL to view video Dog and cat killing fields in China

Click on GONE VIRAL to view video A Social History of the dog in China: a documentary

Click on GONE VIRAL to view video PETA: Chinese Killers!!! Cats and dogs being killed brutally for their furs

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