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Help stop ISIS.

Stand up againat ISIS. Just Say No ISIS

Just Say No ISIS Terrorism -- Please help stop ISIS and their terrorism by adding your voice. Just Say No ISIS Terrorism is an independent campaign which seeks to raise awareness to end the terrorism and genocide being conducted by ISIS in Iraq and Syria. We are developing promotional items which will enable you to express your passion and heighten awarness. ISIS is conducting genocide, killing Christians and anyone else who will not convert to their religion. They have no humanity. ISIS has killed innocent men, women and children. ISIS has committed terrible crimes against humanity. We are making anti-ISIS promotional items. All creative artists are invited to donate a work of anti-ISIS art or design for reproduction. Or you may donate cash. The money will be used to produce anti-ISIS materials, websites, advertising materials and generally work to heighten awareness about ISIS and the genocide being conducted by ISIS.

ISIS has also killed an America journalist and threatened to kill other journalist. ISIS is responsible for many attrocities including the public crucifiction of Christians. Please help by making a donation today.

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We need immediated cash donations to help produce additional anti-ISIS advertising and promotional material and/or websites that will help heighten awareness about critical issues related to terrorism, work to STOP ISIS dead in their tracks, and bring an end to this terrorist organizations.

ISIS has raided cities, towns and banks in Iraq, robbed and looted to gain hundreds of millions of dollars. They are well armed and funded. We seek to heighten awarness about ISIS and give YOU a way YOU can express your outrage and passion against this terrible terrorist organization through use of anti-ISIS campaign materials. After the killing of the American journalist James Foley, the entire civilized world was shocked. But most people have no way to fight back or repond. Now we offer you a way.

Off With ISIS Head Jr. Spaghetti Tank
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Just say, "Off With ISIS Head!" This is a great memorial tribute to James Foley. I think he would have liked it. Now you can express your passion and stand up against ISIS and terrorism with this parody which features the classic Queen of Hearts from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. This is a great way everyone can fight back against ISIS and their killing of innocent men, women, children and now journalists. Plus since they used a terrorist with a British accent to do the beheading, it is appropriate that The Queen of Hearts should call for his head.

Please give generously to this creative effort now! Together we can raise awareness that the international community will hear our voice and take collective action to stop ISIS in its tracks and end the onslaught of terrorism across the land.

We are establishing a membership organization called American Patriots Association (APA) and are asking everyone who reads this to please make a donation. Our categories of annual membership are Student @ $15.00; Individual @ $30.00; Family @ $60.00; Small Business @ $120.00; Corporation @ $240.00; and Benefactor @ $1,000.00 or more. Visit APA at http://www.apa.byteland.org (this page) where you can find many more patriotic gifts and apparel to express your patriotic spirit and passion for freedom and justice in America.

All funds will be used to heighten awarness about ISIS and other terrorist organization and work to motivate the civilized people and governments of the world to work together to bring an end to terrorism everywhere.

Please express your support for this initiative by making a generous donation today. Thank you and may God's blessing follow you all the days of your life.

Urgent Support Needed! We need professional quality camera equipment. Please help purchase the items on our Wish List. Thank you for your support.

Funds are also needed to help provide the various over head fees necessary to mount a campaign including: domain name, server, website, hosting fees, utilities, transportation, equipment, supplies, software, etc. For example, we need a new laptop, color printer, smart phone, camera equipment and Power Point presentation equipment. Some of these items will be reflected in our Wish List. Please note that up to 8% is deducted from donations in conjunction with this service; hence, amounts needed are actually higher that cost of items which may also include shipping/handlign. However, if you purchase items on our Wish List directly that are listed as PRIME, then the shipping/handling may be free.

Again, thank you for your generous help and contributions. May God's blessings of health and happiness grace all the days of your life!

NO ISIS Symbol

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We are challenging all responsible journalists and media to please take a stand against ISIS aka ISIL, the Islamic State, by putting the "No ISIS Symbol" upon all photographs, videos or other propaganda released by ISIS. An easy to use packet containing the No ISIS Symbol is now available for immediate download which contains the No ISIS Symbol as .jpg and .png file formats in various sizes plus transparent image files so that you may put the No ISIS Symbol upon photographs. Click to get your No ISIS Symbol packet now.

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Anti-Terrorism Alert! Attention Bostonians!

ALERT! In wake of the terrorist attack on America which occurred April 15, 2013, at the Boston Marathon, we are asking everyone to please purchase a BOSTON I Love You Keep Running gift/apparel item as an expression of you support.

Make no doubt about it, the attack on innocent people in Boston was an attack on America. We are urging everyone to please express their passion and show their support for fellow Americas. A good way to do this is with BOSTON I LOVE YOU KEEP RUNNING gift/apparel.

We cannot allow whoever committed this act of terrorism to keep us from enjoying our lives, from attending patriotic celebrations, runs, or other public events. It is important that all who love freedom, life and liberty stand up and speak out against such senseless acts of hatred.

A good way to do that is with a BOSTON I LOVE YOU KEEP RUNNING special token of affection and support available now.

Thank you for expressing your patriotism! We urge everyone to Support America and those most cherished values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Send relies to: APA@byteland.org

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Please buy these Support America gifts and apparel. All designs are created by American aritsts and help promote and support America!

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Please buy these great America flag gifts and apparel by AmeriArts. All designs are created by American aritsts and help promote and support America!

Osama bin Laden is dead!
Victory for the USA!

Osama bin Laden is dead! Victory for the USA!
Celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden and Remember 9/11 with these American flag gifts and apparel. Click here to see more items like this

Osama bin Laden is dead! President Barack Obama announced on the evening of May 1, 2011, that a special operations forces of US Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden in a fire fight at a fortified safe house in Abbottabad, a city in northern Pakistan.

Navy Seals flew into Pakistan in two helicopters under the cover of darkness and stormed a specially built compound where Osama bin Laden was hiding. Immediately after news reports flashed the killing of Osama bin Laden crowds of jubilant people gathered at the White House in spontaneous celebration chanting, "USA! USA! USA!"

Americans everywhere may be proud of US armed forces and their success in killing Osama bin Laden who took credit for planning the terrorists attacks on 9/11 against our great nation. The death of this evil monster represents a victory for America and justice for all of the victims of 9/11. This is truly a great day for America!

President Obama personally ordered the attack on the compound which resulted in the killing of Osama bin Laden without any loss of American forces. Although one helicopter suffered a malfunction, special operations units consisting of Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden and a number of other terrorist in a hand-to-hand firefight; then they took Osama bin Laden's body into custody and confirmed his identity using DNA analysis after which his remains were ceremoniously disposed of at sea, basically feeding him to the sharks, that no burial site would remain on earth for misguided Islamic fundamentalist to use as a pilgrimage in attempting to make this symbol of evil a martyr.

Although the death of Osama bin Laden represents a great victory for US Armed Forced, still much remains to be done to destroy al-Qaida which is a terrorist network.

American who wish to celebrate are urged to display special commemorative American flags available at apa.byteland.org to remember 9/11 and those who were victims on that day and who made that ultimate sacrifice giving their lives in the War on Terrorism to defend America, God and Country.

Osama bin Laden is dead! Victory for the USA!
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Patriotic Orchid Symbol of American Ingenuity and Creativity!

An American naturalist has created a new species of red, white and blue Patriotic Orchid appropriately named Americaorchidae patriotus now available on demand via Cafepress.com.

People have been trying to cultivate hybrid Patriotic Orchids ever since the Declaration of Independence was signed and America was established, but until recently the technology simply did not exist to create such a species.

The new Patriotic Orchid has white and blue stars in a fluttering mosaic upon its bluish petals and a purple heart centrally located upon a projecting cupular sac which attracts pollinators.

The Patriotic Orchid, like most orchids, is bisexual, given it has both male and female organs in the same flower. It is hoped that the new Patriotic Orchid will become a symbol of American pride, technology and achievement in both the arts and sciences and that the general public will embrace Patriotic Orchid merchandise on Flag Day, Veteran's Day, Independence Day and Memorial Day.  Lynch is also hoping that that the Patriotic Orchid will be adopted as the official flower of the United States of America through an act of Congress.

Gallery of Patriotic Orchids

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God Bless
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Made In
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Patriotic Orchid
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American Patriots
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Spirit Of
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More Patriotic Designs

Visit these galleries of great new USA and patriotic designs.

US Flags
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Support Our Troops
Pride In
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I Love
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My Soldier
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Our Troops
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USA Flags, Patriotism
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Flag Hearts
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Political Action
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State Stars
Patriotic Hearts
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City/State Themes
Iraq War
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Star Burst Hearts
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Take A Stand
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Against Terrorism
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Wreaths & Xmas
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K9 Designs
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Welcome To
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The Sandbox
I Survived
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Bush's War
I Survived
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Welcome To Hell
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AKA Iraq
Welcome To
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New Flag/Heart Designs

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A great new collection of USA flag and heart designs!

You are cordially invited to visit the new Byteland Art Gallery which features many new flag and heart designs. These are without a doubt the most impressive and best flag/heart designs upon the Internet. In fact, since 9/11 APA design and marketing concepts have been pirated and copied widely, by everyone from Southern Culture groups to overseas entrepreneurs, such thievery ironically contributing to the spread of the patriotic spirit across America and around the world! Some of our designs have even showed up on products produced in China!

In an effort to prevent pirating of designs and slogans, more unique designs have been created and made available to promote patriotism in America and those values which American patriots and citizen who love America hold dear. Of special interest may be the "Letters Home & American Sentiments" series. These designs were all produced using original American flag photos, scripts, slogans and graphics produced by APA, a not-for-profit, private enterprise.

Please shop Made in America by patronizing APA designs and associated heart and flag designs at these great emporiums:

USA Flags | Support Our Troops | Support America | 4th of July | Classic Hearts | I (Heart) Designs | Religious Themes | Love'n Happy Hearts | Rainbow Hearts

Thank you for your patronage!

Red Alert! Boycott Red China!

All patriotic Americans are being urged to Boycott Red China! Please stop buying any and everything made in Red China! This despicable communist nation run by corrupt despots is guilty of untold human rights violations and atrocities to animals! Please, wake up America and stop aiding and abeding the communist Chinese by pledging to never again buy anything knowingly made in Red China until a democracy is established!

In August of 2006 Red China began the brutal slaughter of tens of thousands of dogs! Please, if you don't do anything else, get one of the boycott China bumper stickers below and put it on your vehicle. If millions of Americans will pass the word and do this one thing we really can make a difference! Thank you for caring!

Reply to: APA
9 Sept. 2006

Bumper Sticker Size Designs

Join the movement! Boycott Made In China products to protest the killing of 50,000+ dogs by communist government officials! Put these bumper sticker designs on you automobile or truck. Display these items everywhere! Do not stop until the communist goverments is ousted!!!

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Boycott Made In China Products K9 Killers!

Boycott Made In China K9 Killers Mystic Red
Boycott Made In China K9 Killers Skyblue
Boycott Made In China K9 Killers Exotic Jade
Boycott Made In China K9 Killers Commie Red

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Protest cruelty to animals and inhumanity to people by urging everyone to boycott Red China

Boycott Red China Flag Design
Boycott Red China K9 Killers Flag Design
Boycott Made In China K9 Killers Flag Design
Boycott Red China They Eat Dogs
Boycott Red China Dog Genocide Flag Design
Boycott Red China Buy Made in USA Flag Design
7/29/2006 - 50,000+ Dogs Killed In China Flag Design

Click on pic to buy these items
Take a stand by encouraging everyone to boycott the Olympics to be held in Beijing during the summer of 2008!

Boycott the Games 2008
Boycott the Games 2008 - White Font

Remember 9/11

World Trade Center attack act of war
America and freedom shall prevail!

APA was the original creator of "Remember 9/11" and a host of other original designs and slogans which where created immediately following the attack's of 9/11. These original designs were widely copied without the permission of APA. As the War on Terrorism continues, we maintain this designs as a memorial to those who lost their lives on 9/11 and hope you will patronize this site that we can continue to promote the ideals of life, liberty and those cherished ideals of being a patriotic American.

Support America - Remember 9/11/2001
All proceeds will go to supporting this site. Thank you.

We shall not forget!

In this time of national tragedy all patriotic Americans must unite in spirit and duty, that our great nation shall be preserved in all its glory and majesty, not to be terrorized by the cowards and ungodly agents of death and destruction which have struck at the World Trade Center twin towers, the Pentagon and the very heart of America.

Our goal as Americans should and shall be to bring to justice those responsible for the tragedy brought on this day of infamy by those who serve the sick and perverted cause of terrorism which have no moral basis or grounds for their horrific crimes against humanity.

Our great nation has been attacked by terrorists and our first response should be to give aid, assistance and moral support to those who have suffered loss of life and injury both to themselves and their loved ones.

Next we must restore what has been lost in such a manner that never again will terrorists be able to attack our people and our homeland through vulnerabilities presented by infrastructure, free trade, travel or commerce.

Not only must we hunt down and punish those who have attacked America, we must destroy them, their networks, their advocates and those who would harbor them, that no corner of the world shall be safe to terrorists. Yet in our endeavor to bring justice we must act with honor and resolve, to not hurt or harm innocent people or serve the cause of terrorists to disrupt the world order.

Our nation shall remain free and our freedom shall reach out and touch the world, that in consequence not only shall America be made more free and secure, but the world shall be made safe for democracy, now and for all time.

T. A. Lynch
11 Sept. 2001 In response to attack on USA by international terrorists

Patriotic Letters and Links


Bill Wilson/The Anniston Star
PHOTO: Bill Wilson/The Anniston Star
My father, Lt. Col. Leonard P. Lynch is interred in the military cemetery at Fort McClellan, Alabama along with 393 people in 355 graves (as of April 6, 2000). I established the American Patriots Association to promote patriotism in America. As part of this work it is important that we cherish the memories of our soldier forefathers. We can not allow the hallowed ground where they are interred to be forgotten nor let anti-American groups, organizations or individuals who do not care about preserving our nation's freedom and liberty dishonor America.

American military installations around the country have been closing and consolidating their resources. In the process cherished memories and values are gradually being lost and eroded. Recently I had the upsetting experience of learning that my family had been forgotten with respect to my father's burial site. I read in Anniston Star reports that the letters had been sent out by the Army Corps of Engineers with regard to the disposition of the Fort McClellan Military Cemetery. Yet my mother or other family members had not been contacted with respect to this matter. (See: Cemetery proposal for fort concerns veterans by Russ Henderson and Fort authority plotting more space for cemetery by Richard Raeke both articles published in the Anniston Star.

In fact the Joint Powers Authority wants to rename Fort McClellan by changing its name to just McClellan. I believe this would dishonor all who are buried upon this hallowed ground and who did service at Fort McCellan. I urge everyone who is concerned about this matter to write their representatives Sen. Richard Shelby, Sen. Jeff Sessions and Governor Don Siegleman to maintain the name of Fort McClellan ; that this property should be incorporated as a separate and new city; that this property should be administered by elected representatives; that this property should not be over-developed by private contractors and profiteers; that the military cemetery at Fort McClellan should be expanded into a military park area of 50-100 acres; that all undeveloped property and/or appropriate land on Fort McClellan should be considered for designation as wild life sanctuary and/or preserve area and that the Joint Powers Authority should be replaced by an elected body to represent Fort McClellan as a city. TAL 6 April 2000 Addendum 14 April 2000

APA Formed

In the process of insuring that my father and family would not be forgotten again, that the 367 families who have loved ones interred at Fort McClellan would not be forgotten, that they and other patriotic Americans would have a collective voice, I have established the American Patriots Association.

It is my goal that the American Patriots Association will function as a not-for-profit corporation. Establishing a historical marker at the site of the Fort McClellan Military Cemetery is a first endeavor. I urge everyone who is concerned about this issue to contact me. I understand from the Alabama Historical Association that a historical highway marker will cost between $1,350.00 to $1,695.00. Anyone who wants to contribute funds to help pay for this historical marker may be assured that the funds will be properly applied toward that purchase and are urged to give their support. Also I appreciate suggestions with respect to the text to be placed upon the marker. Generally it will be designed to appropriately honor and respect those interred at the Fort McClellan Military Cemetery and Fort McClellan proper.

The American Patriots Association will also work to promote patriotism in these United States of America in general. This will include having an Internet presence and working to network with other patriotic Americans. All patriotic Americans will be encouraged to express their feelings of patriotism in their own way. This may be through display of the American flag, celebrating national holidays or participating in civic groups and organizations.

The American Patriots Association is not itself a political organization. Nor is it a religious organization. It is open to all people regardless of their political or religious beliefs and/or associations. Also the APA will not discriminate against anyone based upon their race, religion, ethnic or national origins, sexual orientation, mental or physical impairment or disability or other reasons whatsoever. However we will only foster those ideals and values which are considered the expression of patriotism as relates to being a patriotic citizen of these United States of America.

Toward this end the American Patriots Association is hereby established this 14 Day of April in the year of our Lord 2000.

Reply to: APA

You may help support this site by making a gift of love. All gifts or donations will be used to support the work of the American Patriots Association as herein stated. Make all checks payable to: APA or the American Patriots Association. Thank you!

Expand and preserve military cemetery

This is copy of letter sent to Alabama senators and persons concerned with the issue of what to do about the cemetery at Ft. McClellan. This letter may be sited by anyone who wants to expand and preserve this cemetery to honor our soldier forefathers.

Fort McClellan Military Cemetery

This letter urges that the area where Lt. Col. Leonard P. Lynch is interred be established as a historic site and renamed Fort McClellan Military Cemetery.

Keep name Fort McClellan to honor history

This letter urges that the name Fort McClellan be retained. The name of the area on the Joint Powers Authority Home Page has already been changed to just "McClellan." Is this an attempt to rewrite history so that a hundred years from now people will not even remember that the U.S. Army ever had a fort in the area? You be the judge.

Establish Historical Site and Marker

Please read this letter and reply if you would like to establish a historical site and marker at the Fort McClellan Military Cemetery to honor our soldier fathers interred in that hallow ground and the tremendous historical significance of Fort McClellan.

National monument proposal

On 1 August 2000 letter was sent to President Clinton asking that Fort Mc Clellan Military Cemetery be proclaimed a national monument and historic site. Please support this effort by writing to the President. You may also use the White House On-line Form to write the President.. Thank you.

Letter to patriotic Americans

APA is needs your support to erect a historical marker. I hope and pray all patriotic Americas who read this letter will help in this effort! We must not let the memories of our patriotic fathers and their loved ones fade away!

What is an American patriot?

This essay tells what it means to be an American patriot in the context of the founding of the American Patriots Association. You are invited to join APA today!

Reuse proposal goes to the bats!

What do gray bats and the JPA's reuse proposal for Fort McClellan Military Cemetery have in common?

X-patriot groups defined

The American Patriots Association is an advocate of nonviolence and promotes the civil rights and liberties of all people regardless of race, religion or national origin. Many groups which refer to themselves as "patriots" are really X-patriot groups given the X-rated nature of their doctrines. Such groups often are exclusionary in nature and promote hatred, violence, criminal activity or antigovernment sentiment in the extreme. This is an insult and slander of truly patriotic groups, including the U.S. military, the U.S. government and such organizations as the American Patriots Association. In order to enable journalists, clergy, civil rights advocates and others to make a clear distinction, it is urged that the term X-patriot be used to designate such anti-American groups. Because the Web sites of these X-patriot groups often promote hatred, violence, criminal activity or antigovernment activity in the extreme they are not suitable for viewing by either children or adults. It is hoped by using this designation people will be able to filter out the filth, trash, pestilence and propaganda these X-patriot groups are pandering to our children.

APA Newsletter & Updates

Click here to keep up-to-date on the progress and growth of APA

One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All - Support America - APA logo on front and back.
All proceeds will go to supporting this site. Thank you.

APA Links

Over time APA will be producing and sponsoring a series of historic site pages and links which relate to patriotism and American history. Please visit these sites and their related links and join APA to become an American patriot of the 21st Century.

APA's Gettysburg Visit Gettysburg, site of the battle which marked the turning point in the Civil War.

Further Research

Fort McClellan Home Page This site has an very good review of Fort McClellan's history

Anniston Star Archives Search the Anniston Star for articles. This is a great way to keep track of what is happening with the reuse of Fort McClellan. Suggested keywords are: McClellan, JPA, defense, army, commission, pentagon, justice, mp, training, center, school, reuse, development, etc.

Joint Powers Authority Home Page This is the transition board to which the Department of Defense has given authority with respect to reuse of Fort McClellan properties. Basically the JPA board is a small group people who represent the City of Anniston, Calhoun County and the State of Alabama. It seems to enjoy meeting behind closed doors and doesn't even give all its commissioners the right to vote! I find that quite odd. What is the big secret? What, if anything, are they trying to hide? Should not commissioners who represent the people always meet in public?

The JPA also employs a small staff with salaries ranging for $25,000/yr. for the secretary to $57,000/yr. for the executive director. Their budget runs something like $988,994.00 in tax payer dollars for a 15 month period. And Gene Stedham, their chairman, says his primary goal is to bring more jobs and tax dollars to the Fort McClellan area. Hummm.... sounds to me like that means future budgets will be going up, up, up with a similar increase in salaries. Since all this money comes out of the tax payers pockets via state and federal grants, I figure the JPA is working for me and you and everyone else who pays their salary. Therefore it would be reasonable to urge them through letters and phone calls to preserve the area while still working to boost the economy. You may contact the JPA at P.O. Box 5327, Fort McClellan AL 36205. Phone: (256) 236-2011 Fax: (256) 236-2020 or via e-mail at informationservices@mcclellan-jpa.com.

Jobs are important but so are things like parks, wildlife preserves, botanical gardens and preserving the military history of the area. When the JPA changes the name of the area by taking off the word "Fort," it is like saying they want to forget the Army and all the soldiers who ever were stationed in the area. Of course that may not be entirely true. After all there are military staffers in their employee. So why would they do such a crazy thing as rename the area?

I don't pretend to read anyone's mind. However I do make this recommendation to the JPA, who are, after all, working in part for me: keep the name Fort McClellan and work to incorporate the area into a separate and new city; invite retired military people to come live and work in the area; focus on high technology type businesses and industry when planning for reuse; and for God's sake preserve the beautiful landscape and keep the Fort McClellan Military Cemetery a hallowed ground for soldiers and their immediate families only. If the JPA does all these things I'm sure they will receive a high commendation from both me and the public. Then no one will worry so much, myself included, about the bigger hole in our pockets from all those taxes following into the area.

Fort McClellan via Yahoo Links to over 4600 "Fort McClellan home pages. True, not all of these sites relate to Fort McClellan proper, but they do reveal some interesting sites.

Army Posts Link to Army Posts far and wide!

Military discussion forum This is a great place to network with respect to military issues. Jump to this site and express yourself regarding the reuse of Fort McClellan and other Army posts.

Other Army sites An alphabetical list of military bases with web sites. If you can't find it here try Other Army sites or Hot list of Army web sites.

Major Base Closure Summary This is a listing of the bases recommended and approved for closure as a result of decisions by the various Base Realignment and Closure Commissions. Take a look at this and you'll wonder if Uncle Sam has a screw loose?

Finding People and Records This is a good starting point when seeking available information from the D_Ds (Dum_Dums) in Washington.

Military Record Requests Keep this in mind when looking for old buddies. It is also a starting point for immediate family members (parents, spouse or children) seeking service records. An individual's complete service record is available to the former service member or, if deceased, to his/her next of kin (parents, spouse, or children). Limited information (such as dates of service, awards, and training) is available to anyone. Not available to the general public is information which would invade an individual's privacy; for example, medical records, Social Security number, or present address. You may also want to get a copy of Standard Form 180 to use when submitting a request for records to speed things along.

Patriotic Graphics Free patriotic graphics and music for web site construction. You are urged to visit this site and establish your own patriotic Americas web site.

Alabama Historic Sites, Landmarks and Links

Bama Links Montgomery and other Alabama Internet Resources and web site links. Branch off from here to visit other Alabama sites.

Alabama Historic Commission The Mission of the Alabama Historical Commission is to foster an awareness of the value of historic structures, sites, and objects that reflect the heritage of all Alabamians and to facilitate the preservation and documentation of these resources for the use, enjoyment and education of present and future generations.

USS Alabama Memorial Park For specifications of USS Alabama see Historical Naval Ships US: USS Alabama

Ledgens of Tuskegee Who are the Legends of Tuskegee and what do they have in common? Booker Taliafero Washington, George Washington Carver and the Tuskegee Airmen all came to Tuskegee and created their own legends. Tuskegee is more than a town located in Macon County, Alabama. It is an idea and an ideal. It was a bold experiment and a site of major African-American achievements for over 100 years.

Alabama Historic Sites via Yahoo Search Yahoo for your favorite Alabama historic site

Fort Toulouse/Jackson State Historic Site

Alabama Maps The Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection, The University of Texas at Austin. This is a very good resource for on line maps of Alabama.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alabama Projects and GORP: Great Outdoor Recreation Places in Alabama These two sites are a good starting point for your scenic exploration or wildlife adventure in Alabama.

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