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Articles of Impeachment
Against President Clinton

By Terry Lynch

Humanitarian, Poet, Philosopher, Essayist

The Starr Report:
The Official Report of the Independent Counsel's
Investigation of the President

If you have a copy of the Starr Report
burn it in public to protest the unjust
impeachment of President Clinton

From the Desk of Terry Lynch

DATE: Dec. 15, 1998 FROM: Terry Lynch POB 241035 Montgomery, AL 36124-1035 E-mail: Internet site: The Pyrotechnic Pen Additional Information: Lynch Links

Letter to the Editor - For Immediate Release

SUBJECT: Burn and Destroy Articles of Impeachment/Starr Report The articles of impeachment republicans have charged President Clinton with are the most contrived, contorted, twisted interpretation of the US Constitution since King Gordius cleverly tied his empowerment knot. The only way for President Clinton to untie the republican's Gordian knot of impeachment is to do what Alexander the Great did some 350 years before Christ; take up the sword and slice the knot wide open! I urge President Clinton and his team of defense lawyers to publicly denounce the Starr Report and the republican articles of impeachment, to tear them up and burn them in public as so much trash! I urge the general public to follow suit and also denounce and publicly destroy any copies they have of the Starr Report and the partisan articles of impeachment against President Clinton. I urge everyone who has copies of these documents on their computers to print them out and burn them in public and then to lynch and burn Kenneth Starr and Henry Hyde in effigy as the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde antidemocracy monsters they are! To make a public mockery out of the Starr Report and the twisted Gordian knot that is the republican party's unjust articles of impeachment will cut through the intricate knot republicans have tied and do much to solve this seemingly insolvable problem. If people do this in mass, it will demonstrate that they do not wish to impeach President Clinton. During the Vietnam War draft cards were burned by courageous young people to protest an unjust war. Those same baby boomers can now defy over zealous republicans by symbolically burning and destroying the Starr Report and articles of unjust impeachment. This protest will show their outrage over the republican zealots who have gone against the will of the people! I call upon all Americans to stand up and support President Clinton by burning the Starr Report and setting fire to all articles of impeachment drafted against President Clinton! Perhaps if we the people light enough fires, the US Congress will see that the people do not want to impeach President Clinton! Sincerely, Terry Lynch Montgomery, AL 15 Dec. 1998

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