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Net-TV: How it all began: The history of the Net-TV revolution.
By Dr. Charlee Tal

The courageous man standing in front of a column of tanks in China is what Net-TV is really all about. Net-TV empowers everyone, everywhere in the world to watch FREE TV on Your PC!

Many years ago people of a great nation gathered in a square to petition the government for freedom. Their protests were met with tanks and bullets. Many who protested were imprisoned and tortures. Others simply disappeared after being arrested by the government. A little girl in America watched reports of the massacre on television. She was shocked, horrified and cried. The images of a people on TV struggling to be free forever stuck in her mind.

Net-TV is the creation of that little girl, who grew up to become a System Engineer and Designer. Her name isDr. Charolotte Lee Tal (nicknamed Charlee because she loves Charlie's Angles) and she lives and works in the Silicon Valley area of California. Dr. Tal became very interested in the problem which many poor or impoverished people faced; they could not afford expensive cable or satellite dish television. Thus as a graduate student she developed a program that enabled her to search for TV and radio channels being streamed live via the Internet. Later during the mortgage crises when many people lost their homes, Dr. Tal realized that now millions of more people could not afford expensive cable and satellite dish TV. Being without a home meant being without cable TV or dish satellite TV services. Hence Dr. Tal wondered how over 14-million Americans who lost their homes might still have access to television and all the news, weather, entertainment, educational and informational services which television provides. She also recalled how when she was a little girl she watched people struggling to be free and how their dreams were crushed by a corrupt government which censored their every cry for freedom. In fact, Dr. Tal realized there were still people in countries who were held in bondage, their governments censoring and controlling the information and news they might receive.

While studying this problem, Dr. Tal was sitting on the patio of her home under a tree with her laptop that was connected to the Internet. Her boyfriend and his niece were watching television. It occurred to Dr. Tal that everyone who had a PC or laptop might be able to watch TV FREE via the Internet using that program she developed as a graduate student. All they needed was their computers and a connection to the Internet.

Dr. Tal began to explore the numerous television and radio stations which were broadcasting their content upon the Internet; the number had grown enormously since she was at the university. About this same time a new FCC law went into effect which required all television stations to broadcaster using digital signals. Of course this meant that all broadcasters could make their channels available via the Internet.

Dr. Tal discovered that after this new law went into effect thousands upon thousands of channels soon became available via the Internet. But no one knew about all the new channels because they were scattered around the nation; indeed, around the world. Yet the program Dr. Tal developed as a grad student could be used to spider the web and capture the addresses of sites broadcasting digital television, radio or other similar content. Being a humanitarian, she made this programming technology freely available to others that it might be used to develop software for FREE access to TV, radio and other broadcast material via the Internet.

Almost overnight new programs began to pop up and appear using Dr. Tal's open source code. Many of these FREEWARE programs eventually became available on CNET and other sites where their authors uploaded them for people to download and try. Dr. Tal also tried some of these programs and was quite impressed with the innovations some people were making. However, she was not happy with the fact that many of the programs gave her no credit for her contribution or even mentioned her name. Plus she found that there was still a general and far reaching lack of knowledge, and that most people did not know you could get television, radio or other programming content FREE on your PC or laptop.

Hence Dr. Tal decided to create Net-TV and start a REVOLUTION. Net-TV is exactly that, a revolution which empowers people everywhere to watch FREE TV on YOUR PC. Dr. Tal wanted to keep Net-TV free so she decided to market it as a free program to everyone who joined the Net-TV Revolution! Thus Net-TV was born and much like the people's revolution that Dr. Tal remembered watching on TV as a young girl, Net-TV she hoped would come to stimulate the revolutionary spirit of people all over the world, by giving them FREE access to news and other information on TV via their PC or laptop.

Today Net-TV is not just a revolution, it is an educational and informative program that empowers people everywhere to watch FREE TV, radio, and other digital programming via the Internet. Net-TV is not just one program, but provides access to the best FREE TV software on the net. Plus Net-TV provides a wealth of information to help everyone gain immediate access to free programming via the Internet.

Net-TV continues to evolve. Currently you may use Net-TV to gain access to an unlimited number of channels and programming which is FREE via the Internet. You may use the NETTV one-click front panel to access favorite channels or get real-time access to TV channels via the Internet using such search engines as Google and Yahoo. Plus you can open and use the TURN ME ON Front Panel with any browser to immediately access TV and radio via the Internet. Moreover, you can open and use TUNERS to select the best FREE tuner/players and toolbars providing quick, easy access to thousands of channels and broadcasts originating not only from the United States, but from nations around the world! Net-TV empowers you to make great choices so that you can watch FREE TV on YOUR PC or laptop! It is truly a REVOLUTION.

Dr. Tal continues to work to improve Net-TV. She is test marketing Net-TV on the Internet via eBay and other popular auction services. Dr. Tal wants to keep Net-TV 100% free, so she is asking everyone to join the Net-TV REVOLUTION. When you pay a small membership fee you will receive Net-TV via reply email as a .Zip file attachment. You can unzip the file and view the readme.txt file for instructions; then be up and running to watch FREE TV on YOUR PC in only minutes!

Net-TV is truly amazing technology. As long as you have a PC or laptop with access to the Internet you can use Net-TV to watch FREE TV on YOUR PC or laptop. You will get access to TV and radio channels from countries around the world in many different languages. Of course we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get some channels, because they may not be available in your country. Some channels or programming may be blocked or censored by the government; or not made available by the broadcasters and producers in some areas. For example, many channels may be blocked by communist Red China, North Korea, Iran or other nations which tend to strongly censor the Internet. In fact, Net-TV is such a power and liberating program that if you live in those countries it may not be available, or could be outlawed.

Of course this makes Net-TV a highly sought after program and a powerful tool against oppression and those governments which wish to enslave their people. That is another reason Dr. Tal wants to keep Net-TV FREE, as it may spark true revolution around the world. There are many people who live poverty who do not have homes or access to expensive cable or dish satellite services. But if you are one of them and you can manage to get a PC or laptop, then you can use Net-TV to watch FREE TV on YOUR PC or laptop.

Dr. Tal hopes that everyone will join the Net-TV REVOLUTION. Please tell your friends and associates about Net-TV. This one program can change the world and make it a better place. With Net-TV people who are now living in oppression may be able to watch TV or listen to radio coming from free nations like the Unites States or Great Britain. They may listen to news radio and/or watch news on TV channels in America and learn the truth which has been hidden from them by oppressive regimes. Net-TV is a REVOLUTION, in technology! Net-TV truly empowers the people, especially the poor and impoverished, that they may gain FREE access to much programming via the Internet.

Net-TV is such a powerful application that it is hoped libraries around the world will join the Net-TV REVOLUTION and make it available to their users. If you are a librarian your library may join the Net-TV revolution and get a copy of Net-TV to install upon the computers in your library. That way everyone who uses systems in your library may have immediate access to thousands upon thousands of TV channels, radio channels, streaming video, and other programming.

Dr. Tal wishes to sincerely thank everyone for their patronage! We hope you enjoy Net-TV! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for joining the Net-TV REVOLUTIONS!

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