Dance de Nematodes

A collection of photomicrographs presented by Terry Lynch
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Dance de Nematodes
Dance de Nematodes by Terry Lynch

Beneath a drain pipe covered with a flower pot was found a large slug which was collected to feed to firefly larvae which were being reared. A small section of the slug's slimy foot was removed and placed in a container of Photuris firefly larvae. Some 24 hours later the section of slug appeared to be teaming with tiny worms when viewed under a 10X hand lens. A specimen was prepared for viewing under a microscope at 28X to reveal numerous nematodes which were wiggling back and forth as if in a dance. This digital image of the clear, colorless dancing nematodes was enhanced to give a violet appearance.

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If you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of more photographs, please be patient. Additional photos will be presented over time as interesting specimens are prepared and photographed. Please click on the links below to view additional photomicrographs and special natural history pages presented for your education, enlightenment and enjoyment. Thank you!

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