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Come dream of me as I dream of you.

Byteland is produced by Terry Lynch (aka TAL), who is an artist, photographer and naturalist. TAL lives inside cyberspace exploring new frontiers. He is also a poet. The theme of this site is based upon Dreaming of You, a very beautiful song that is also the theme of a series of gifts and apparel. I hope like the poem and this site. Enjoy!

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Stop Global Warming! Use H2O4GAS

Gas Prices Suck!  H2O4GAS: Please help promote H2O4GAS

Gas Prices Suck!  H2O4GAS: Please help promote H2O4GAS

H2O4GAS: Please help promote H2O4GAS

Gas Prices Suck!  No Tax On Gas

I Hate High Gas Prices

I'm Mad As Hell Lower Gas Prices

I've Been Screwed By Big Oil Lower Gas Prices

Castrate Big Oil Lower Gas Prices

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I Love Gas Lower Prices

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Dice In The Sky

Welcome to Byteland

Hey everyone! I am a naturalist with special interest in the study of fireflies and other species which are effected by global warming and urbanization. I also enjoy writing and production of graphic designs. You are welcome to read Cybersojourn, which is my blog. I'll also be adding some You Tube videos and new gifts and apparel. If you are concerned about global warming and urbanization, please help by supporting Project Firefly. Thank you for your patronage and support. TAL

Please Support Project Firefly

Please click on The Fireflier to make a donation today. Thank you!

Please support Project Firefly. We need to raise $10,000,000.00 to support the establishment and maintenance of a mobile research project which will study the effects of global warming and urbanization upon the environment and how it is effecting firefly populations and other organisms which are effected by changes in the environment and serve as early warning systems. Please make a donation to help Project Firefly. Click on the Fireflier Mobile Field Station and make a donation today! All funds will be used to help establish and maintain Project Firefly, to acquire and operate the Fireflier Mobile Field Station, to provide equipment and supplies and to operate the Project Firefly outreach program, maintain the Project Firefly web site and employ personnel. Thank you for your patronage and support!

Inauguration souvernirs and Obama gifts/apparel

President Obama gifts and apparel are flying off the shelves! Get your's today while they are hot! Obama is the most popular political figure since Jesus Christ! Really, everyone is buying Obama stuff! There is Obama mania going around! So don't be left in the dark! Get your Obama gifts and apparel today and help Obama help America!

Special Inaugural Barack Obama Edition

The Spirit of Amour

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The Spirit of Amour: How to love as taught by example through love letters, poems and other muse.

Terry Lynch is a multi-talented artist, writer, poet and naturalist, a true Renaissance man. When he is not writing, he is making art, studying fireflies or exploring nature with his camera! Lynch loves people, life and all creatures great and small. Come explore with him and learn how to love!

Civil Disobedience: Manual for Activists & Reformist

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Civil Disobedience: A Manual for Activists and Reformists by Terry Lynch

Read anew Henry David Thoreau's classic and begin your own project to change the world and make it a better place. The author challenges everyone to take up the cause and work for change and reformation that together we may solve those problems which plague humanity and cause suffering. This publication comes with simple instructions to set you on your course and a workbook you can use to get started along your way. It is one book everyone who is interested in civic action, reform and public service must have! Get your copy today!

Common Sense

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Common Sense by Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine wrote and publishe Common Sense to inspire his generation to seek independence from Great Britain and establish these United States of America. This is a publication that should be in every home, school and library. Only when we remember where we came from and how our great nation was established, can we insure our freedom in the future. Thomas Paine published Common Sense anonymously, that his own freedom and life might be preserved. It serves as an example for how people may inspire liberty without sacrificing their own lives, something that should not be lost in our modern world where entire states and nations live under the reign of communists, dictators, tyrants and corrupt governments. Get your copy of Common Sense for your home, school or library today.

New Testament Workbook for a Better World

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New Testament Workbook for a Better World

This edition of the New Testament provides a workbook that everyone can use to reform their own lives and promote love among their fellow man. The New Testament is the greatest story every told and remains as true today as it did two thousand years ago. Now the New Testament is presented with a workbook and guide that everyone may use to change and improve their lives and their world. This is one publication that everyone should have and which all Christians should use in their Bible studies and teachings. Get your copy today and begin to tearch yourself how to love yourself and one another that we may all live in a world ruled by love.

The New Testament Workbook for a Better World presents the classic scriptures along with a workbook that everyone can use in their study of the gospel. This enables you to easily record your thoughts, ideas and realizations in working toward self-improvement and building a better world based upon the inspiration of love as taught by Jesus Christ. This is an ideal tool for Bible study and taking notes as you read the New Testament for the first time or study it for a life time. Churches may want to order bulk quantities to use in Bible study.

Journals, Diaries & Sketchbooks

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Books, diaries and journals

Everyone has a book inside them. Now you can create your own journal, diary or book of sketches and preserve your ideas, thoughts and memories forever in these beautiful workbooks. A great collection of beautifully covered journals, diaries and sketchbooks has been produced for everyone to use to record their thoughts, ideas and experiences. This includes a special collection of field notebooks for the naturalist illustrated by Terry Lynch. Get your journal or diary today and begin living a fuller, richer and more memorable life!

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Field Notebooks and Journals

These adorable field notebooks and journals may be used by artists, writers, naturalists or anyone who wants to record their observations and experiences. Record your travels through life within these beautifully covered pages, and you will have memories and experiences which you, your children and your loved ones may cherish forever!

Fight Cancer

Sen. Edward Kennedy has cancer! It was reported that Sen. Kennedy has malignant glioma, a variety of brain cancer, in his left parietal lobe, the area of the brain which controls movement and which is the language center. This is a very terrible form of cancer and even if treatment is effective, it is usually fatal within a relatively short period.

I would like to urge that everyone please help raise awareness about cancer and support the Kennedy family with their heart felt prays. Please get an "I Love Teddy Beat Cancer" T-shirt and help raise awareness for this vital cause.

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Beat Cancer I Love Teddy Our Prayers Are With You

Although I have never met Sen. Kennedy, I did have the opportunity to meet his son, Ted Kennedy, Jr. The younger Kennedy made a great impression on me, and out of respect for him and the Kennedy family I created a series of gift and apparel designs to help raise awareness about cancer.

We all know that the Kennedy family is rich; that Sen. Kennedy will get the best treatment that money can buy. But even that is not enough. He and his family, who have done so much for others, need our prayers. So I urge that everyone please pray for Sen. Kennedy and his family!

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Beat Cancer I Love Teddy Our Prayers Are With You

When I met Sen. Kennedy's son, he spoke about how important it was to meet any challenges life presents with courage and determination, to over come one's obstacles. Health care is a great concern for the poor and impoverished across America. Many people cannot afford the best medical care that money can buy. If you or I get a diagnosis that we have cancer, it may be a death sentence. More needs to be done to raise awareness about cancer and universal health care, so that all Americans can get health care.

There is no reason why America, which is one of the richest countries in the world, cannot provide all its citizens with universal FREE health care. Insurance companies do not want this as they think they will lose money. That is greedy, selfish, cruel; this is a form of bullying by the big insurance companies and millions of Americans suffer as a direct consequence of this bullying type behavior used the big insurance companies and their lobbyist! We must all come together and appeal to our various representative in Congress to support universal FREE health care! Note: it is not really "free" as our tax dollars would pay for a universal health care program.

I would like to urge everyone to get an "I Love Teddy Beat Cancer" T-shirt and take this opportunity to join the fight for universal FREE health care. Sen. Kennedy has done much to help all Americans through legislation he has sponsored over the years. Now it is time to rise to the call and join with Sen. Kennedy that we all can help raise awareness about cancer and the need for universal FREE health care!

This is not just about Sen. Kennedy; this is about everyone who needs health care and who cannot afford the enormous cost of health care. It is literally insane that in America millions of men, women and children cannot afford health care. Families often lose their homes and all their property when a family members becomes seriously ill, hospitalized or must enter a nursing home. We give billions of dollars in aid to other countries, we spend hundreds of billions upon waging war; yet, we cannot provide health care to all Americans! If you or I get cancer and do not have health care, it is a death sentence!

Please support universal health care for all Americans! Thank you!

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I Love Life Free Health Care

Tal Songs

I'm looking for singers and musicians to collaborate in the production of a CD featuring songs and poetry that I have written. You may review these at TAL SONGS. If your rendition is used in the CD you will receive a share of royalties and/or may earn commissions through an affiliate program by helping to market the CD. I'm primarily interested in working with talented vocalists and musicians. Thanks for your consideration and help! TAL


Click to learn how to convert your car or truck to run on water

As a naturalist I am very concerned about preservation and conservation of our natural resources and such vital issues as global warming. Since I've also spent much time studying fireflies which are a family of insects which is very sensitive to many of the changes in the environment which come with urbanization (such as turning forest into parking lots), I am vigorously promoting such technologies as H2O4GAS. I would like to urge everyone to read and learn about H2O4GAS and find out how you can double the mileage that your car or truck is currently getting simply by installing a simple hydrogen/oxygen (HHO) gas generator in your vehicle. This simple device will save you thousands of dollars over time and also make your vehicle produce less toxic pollutants. Hence converting your vehicle to run on H2O4GAS you will both save money and help stop global warming. I am also interested in developing a factory to develop H2O4GAS so if any investor capitalist would like to put up the money to help me start an H2O4GAS factory, please contact me. As the price of gas continues to rise, H2O4GAS offers a solution which is here and now. Please read and learn about H2O4GAS and if you want to invest in H2O4GAS, please contact me. TAL .

Widow is nursing home prisoner

My dear mother, La Faye S. Lynch, has been made a virtual prisoner in Crowne Nurshing Home in Montgomery, Alabama. She is being financially raped and robbed by greedy judges, lawyers and for-profit nursing home administrators. Please watch this video and learn how the elderly are being exploited.

I am working to help educate and inform everyone about the exploitation of the elderly in America. The ERA (Elderly Rights Assoication) has been established as an on-line resource. Please do not ignore the elderly; they need your love and your help! If we do not all take action and work to change the corrupt elder care system in America we may end up one day becoming nursing home prisoners ourselves!

Sign Petition On-line

Click on pic to buy gifts and apparel and help support this cause!

Urgent! The elderly are being abused and exploited by many states who financially rape and rob them when they become incapacitated. Currently in many states individuals cannot specify, designate and appoint their own guardian/conservator; rather, this is done by judges who may be motivated by greed, power and corruption. Hence there is an urgent need to change the laws in every state to permit individuals to specify, designate and appoint their own guardian/conservator. Everyone who would like to have the basic right to control their own destiny and appoint their own guardian/conservator is urged to sign the Petition to permit individuals to appoint their own guardian/conservator. Thank you for your concern and helping to protect the rights of our parents, grandparents and senior citizens.

You may review this issue at ERA

If your state does not allow individuals to appoint their own guardian/conservator, please adopt this petition for usage in your state and submit the signed petitions to your respective state legislators. Thank you!

Report Abuse

I am a strong advocate for many worthy causes and concerns. I am very passionate about working to help make the world a better place through my writings, art and designs. As a child I had to contend with an evil eldest brother, Greg, who beat and bullied me and his other siblings. This was not something that was spoken about; it was a family secret. Although my parents, Lt. Col. Leonard P. Lynch and La Faye S. Lynch, were very loving and caring, they could not control the beating and bullying behavior of my eldest brother 24/7; when he was not being watched Greg would do terrible things, like coax his little brothers to stick a fork in an electric outlet or stand in a fire ant mound after he drove a lawn mower through it! There were numerous times when Greg's bad temper would explode; it took only saying something he did not like, and he would go ballistic and lash out with his fist, beating his little brothers; on one occasion he threw me into a patch of stinging nettles just to be mean! Greg's bad behavior continued until I was a teenager. After informing a psychotherapist of my family history, I was told Greg's terrible behavior was symptomatic of people with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Because I was exposed to such bullying, I learned at a very early age to fight back with my intellect and to also be an advocate for the rights of women, children and others who are abused and exploited and cannot speak for themselves -- because they either are afraid to or are incapacitated, as in the case of those who are mentally challenged or the elderly with dementia.

I urge everyone to report abuse. If you do not report abuse, then those doing the abuse will continue to hurt and harm others. They may grow into monsters, into pathological liars, into abusers of their children and spouse, into alcoholics and drug abusers who try to escape from their pain and their failure in relationships, not ever knowing what true love and friendship is. The best way to help an abusers is to report their abuse when they are young, so they can get help early. If help is not received at an early age, abusers may develop into monsters, into fit throwers and temper tantrum tyrants who can destroy entire families and the lives of others. Since I had a brother like Greg, I'm somewhat of an expert on the subject. People with BPD do not automatically get better when they get older, especially if they never admit they have a problem and do not seek professional help or therapy. I was told by a well respected psychiatrist that I talked to about Greg's history, that he may also now suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome, given his duty in Vietnam; plus he has a history of abuse of alcohol; after drinking I've seen him explode into a rage simply because I would say something he did not like. He once even threatened to destroy my life! So please, if you know of someone who abuses others, please report them when they are young so they don't turn into monsters when they are older!

You can find additional helpful information at Report Abuse. TAL

Ms. Anime

Hi! I'm Ms. Anime, the most popular virtual model upon the Internet. Please buy my awesome gifts and apparel and help promote my shop! This special collection of "Don't Forget Your Shirt!" gifts and apparel are marked down so you will save a bundle! Just click on this pic of me and come with me now to the Byteland Gallery! There are thousands of high quality gifts and apparel in my Byteland Gallery. You satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are not perfectly happy with any purchase you can return it within 30 (thirty) days for a full refund. Thanks for your patronage! Come again soon!

Ms. Anime is a virtual super model and fictional character created by TAL. She lives in Burbank, California with her two children, a boy and a girl, three dogs and a cat named Purr who also sometimes may be featured upon gifts and apparel. Ms. Anime measurements are 38-22-38. Ms. Anime has sky blue eyes and blonde hair. She sometimes wears wigs so her hair may appear any color or hue upon designer gifts and apparel.

Ms. Anime is a virtual model and exists only in cyberspace. She may be having her own television show in the future as well as her own movie. She sings, dances and is a performance artist. Anyone claiming to be Ms. Anime is a fraud. If you happen to look like Ms. Anime you cannot use her name. Ms. Animes real name is April. She also likes to blog.

Ms. Anime is a bright and intelligent business woman; she is NOT a dumb blonde as has been rumored. Ms. Anime operates her own studio and gallery and collaborates with her creator to make many popular products featured in the Byteland Gallery. Ms. Anime is also an advocate for the rights of women, animals and the environment.

Ms. Anime is a very busy person. Please do not bother her unless you have a serious multi-million dollar proposal. And please don't ask her to take off her shirt!

Fireflies Are My Passion

One of my passions is the study of fireflies and other arthropods. I especially enjoy photographing flora and fauna. In order to help promote the study of nature I encourage others to explore the urban jungle through blogging about my passion, to take photographs of butterflies, spiders, and even slugs. I often develop my photographs into gift and apparel faturing nature themes so that it may be shared and enjoyed with others. If you are a mature adult and share my passion for exploring nature, for photographing flora and fauna, for learning about and reflecting upon the miracles of life which is so bountiful, please write me a letter of introduction. Tell me about your interests. If you blog or have a home page please share the link to your home page. I love meeting others who share my passion for life and living!

I wish all who share my joy and love for nature and wildlife a long and prosperous journey through life. May you enjoy a happy, healthy life in search of your dreams! Never stop reaching for the stars!

In kind regards, TAL.

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SpyWare Nuker

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Did you know that SPYWARE is the number one threat to personal computing? Also, 9 out of 10 PCs that are hooked up to the INTERNET are infected with SPYWARE or ADWARE, and in most cases both! Not only can SPYWARE and ADWARE disrupt and slowdown the operation of your expensive computer, but they can cost you loss of time and money! Case in point is a lady in Chicago whose home business computer was disrupted by Spyware and Adware to the extent that it slowed down her system interfering with her ability to do her job, losing income and hurting production.

SPYWARE and ADWARE are very horrible programs that you really should remove from your home and office computers right away! But how? What is the best program to use to remove SPYWARE and Adware? The answer is Spyware Nuker.

One of the best programs on the market today for scanning and removing harmful and disruptive programs is Spyware Nuker. This is because Spyware Nuker will actually scan your system for FREE! A free scan does not hurt or harm your computer; in fact, it helps by letting you know if your computer is infected with harmful SPYWARE or ADWARE. For your FREE SCAN, please click on the Spyware Nuker to go to our homepage. There is no charge to scan your computer or to download you copy of Spyware Nuker. Thank you!

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SpyWare Nuker

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Heavenly Roses Just For Mom

Happy Mother's Day!  Mom I Love You!

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Save The Wolf

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Arches NP Utah

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I Love Fireflies

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Miracle Oak Necklace of Life

The Miracle Oak Necklace of Life is symbolic of longevity, health, happiness and prosperity. Get your Necklace of Life today! Each Necklace of Life is handcrafted by a master artist/craftman using heat treated, polished acorn beads from the Miracle Oak Tree.

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Necklace Of Life

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Copyright 2009 by TALGSD. All rights reserved. Credits: The background was made from The Birth of Venus by 19th century painter French academic painter William Adolphe Bouguereau (November 30, 1825 August 19, 1905) who produced many works based upon mythology and Classical themes, celebrating the beauty of the nude female figure and form and children as not objects of lust, but of pure and innocent love.