Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship

In these United States of America we have as one of our founding principles the separation of church and state, such that states may not establish a religion, endorse or favor a religion, one faith over another. Yet in many of our government practices laws or court orders come to infringe upon the free practice of one's religion. It is therefore just for those who have their religion so tarnished and impeded to resist and defy such unjust, hurtful and harmful laws and court orders non-violently, that in time said laws may be changed, rectified and/or amended.

I have created a legal tool which may be applicable in said civil disobedience and opposition to court orders as with respect to issues of court orders to establish a guardian and conservator for elderly, mentally ill or otherwise incapacitated family members. The principle of law upon which this document which I am calling a "Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship" is based, is that very historical document, the Declaration of Independence, in which our founding father's and colonists sought to separate themselves from the tyrannical rule of the King of Great Britain (King George III), the monarch and despot who ruled Great Britain and was charged with being guilty of a "history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States," such that the Declaration of Independence served to justify establishment of a new and representative government free and independent of rule by King George and Great Britain.

It is likewise appropriate that all people who are hurt, harmed and injured by the unjust rule of corrupt government, including court orders, have a legal and appropriate way to defy said corrupt, hurtful and harmful rule. By making a Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship this may be done, as said declaration may be regarded as a practice of one's religion over which the state or federal government has no just authority. After all, angels are an ethereal, spiritual entity, not the subject of earthly law, but of faith, recognized through worship, not state law. Hence governments have no authority nor jurisdiction over said declarations of faith and guardian angel stewardship and these may be drafted, executed and administered free from hindrance by the government, least said government wishes to trespass upon matters of religion and so violate its own rule of law and the Bill of Rights. (This applies to US Constitutional law; laws in other nations not founded upon principles which separate church and state may be so corrupted as this doctrine does not apply.)

I have drafted the Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship with respect to my dear mother, La Faye S. Lynch, who appointed me her attorney in fact for the duration of her life in 1995. Others, including the Montgomery County Probate Court, did not respect my dear mother's wishes, and have sought to ignore her wishes which were made while she was sound of mind and of her own accord. These corrupt acts have resulted in the making of my dear mother a ward of the State of Alabama, that she is now being exploited and in bondage, a virtual slave of the state of Alabama, with others having complete power and control over her, her own wishes that I administer her affairs being totally ignored, that I have no legal authority with respect to her affairs. This represents evil, pure corruption, and has had the effect that my dear mother and her immediate family have been exploited, financially raped and robbed!

I present the Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship that my actions to administer religious and spiritual affairs as well as other affairs of my dear mother's life may be justified and that others may use this document to draft similar documents with respect to their own life and situations, should they have also been abused, hurt, harmed and/or exploited by the courts in the various states of the union. Through preparation of a Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship, which is a legal document and a document of resolve and faith, one has a tool with which they can justify their civil disobedience to corrupt court orders, can defy said court orders, and can act independently of said corrupt court orders with respect to matters that said court may or may not claim to have jurisdiction over. Hence a Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship is a power tool which may empower everyone to assert their right and just authority with respect to their own parents, grandparents, children, or other incapacitated family members; that through said Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship, those who have been hurt, harmed, abused and/or exploited by corrupt government may begin to take back their power and control over their own lives and those of their loved ones where injustice, injuries and usurpations have acted to destroy lives and families.

Presented below is the original Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship which I drafted and signed with respect to my dear mother, La Faye S. Lynch, to justify my actions with respect to serving as an advocate for the rights of my dear mother:

Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship

All persons who are interested in the Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship for La Faye S. Lynch, be they of agents of the court, relatives, care providers or others, should take note that this document is intended to justify all legal actions which may be taken to represent my dear mother, in accord to her own expressed desire, regardless of what any other persons or courts may have claimed and/or ordered. As has been stated, the state has no jurisdiction over religious affairs and I regard guardian angel stewardship to be a religious affair; everyone who sees otherwise can simply take a fast track and go straight to hell! No on is going to tell me what to do with respect to how I may honor, advocate and be a guardian angel for my own dear mother!

There may be those who claim this document is bizarre, crazy, insane, etc., or that in indicates I am mad. Let them spout their filth. Still, I offer this Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship as a power full tool, which may serve as a guild for others who have been subjugated, defiled, hurt, harmed, injured and/or otherwise abused and exploited by the state courts and legal systems throughout these United States of America, which are in many respects lagging behind the times and sorely corrupted by greedy lawyers, judges and other officials and administrators, who seek primarily maintaining their high paying positions, regardless of how this may hurt or harm others. Hence, usage of a Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship by anyone who has been hurt and harmed by a corrupt legal system, is warranted and justified. Therefore I give this Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship to the world and to the nation, that all who have been abused, exploited, injured and usurped may rebel and assert their just rights as men and women of God, who honor and serve their parents, grandparents and other kin with respect and civility.

Prepared and presented by
Terry Lynch
July 4, 2008

P.S. I am publishing this Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship upon gifts and apparel, as an exercise in civil disobedience, and to help raise funds and awareness with respect to the exploitation of the elderly in America. Also this serves as an expression of my rights of free speech and spits in the face of all who have acted to dishonor my dear mother!

How To Use A Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship

The above Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship is presented as an example for others to use in preparing their own similar Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship. Please note that this is an unconventional document; it may not be recognized as legal or binding and may be ridiculed by lawyers, judges or others who stand to benefit by said reticule, as often judges, lawyers and others who are involved in the exploitation of the elderly and incapacitated are the very ones who greedily benefit from their corrupt and hideous behavior. Hence this document and variations thereof should be used with the realization that it may be scorned and denounced by those who may be in a position of power and control, who may, in essence, be local despots and tyrants, usurping power, to maintain their control over helpless people. They are, in fact, playing God over the lives of those they control, and hence it is every more reasonable and just that a Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship be used to fight such corruption and exploitation.

This document is a tool. It may be used in any number of ways. I have listed a few ways you can use a Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship below:

  1. Publicly defy unjust court orders. Prepare and publish your own Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship and publish it upon the Internet or even as I have done upon gifts and apparel. This will serve as a form of civil disobedience to express your resentment of any court orders which may be regarded as an injury and form of exploitation of the elderly or incapacitated.

  2. Post copy of your Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship to newspapers to reprint as editorial letters. This may help bring attention to your struggle to represent your elderly relative and be an advocate for their health and welfare.

  3. Publish as an advertisement your Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship in newspapers or list an advertisement for purchase of copies on gifts and apparel which present your document to help raise funds to advocate the rights of an elderly victim. In this manner you can help raise awareness and funds that you can use to support your just actions and advocacy for the health and welfare of a dear relative who is being exploited by the corrupt elder care system.

  4. Send copies of your Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship to all relatives and ask them for their support. This is a way to assert your just rights as an advocate even if a court says someone else should be guardian/conservator of a dear relative. Remember, the courts are often corrupt; they make money off of maintaining the elderly or incapacitated in institutions and nursing home prisons. Hence it is imperative that everyone act to advocate rights for the elderly and incapacitated, especially where court orders may have acted to destroy families and/or exploit the elderly and incapacitated.

  5. File a copy of your Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship with the court. In this way you make a legal record and recording of your document so that it is not just a piece of paper sitting around collecting dust. When you make your Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship legal by recording it as such, you may then use this document as a basis for any future claims. If you decide to do this you may want to have your Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship to be notarized and witnessed. Then you may use it as a legal document with respect to any claims you may wish to make in the future.
This represents only a few ways that you may use your Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship. You may be able to think of some other ways to use this document to fight corruption and help you assert your God given rights as a son, daughter or grandchild of a most dearly loved relative. Remember, you have a right given by God as a birthright and commandment of God, to honor thy parents. The Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship is a tool you can use to follow God's law and honor your parents, grandparents or other incapacitated relatives.


Declaration of Guardian Angel Stewardship

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