It's Art! The Old Masters Reborn

What would the Old Masters do if they were alive today?
Why they would create New Age Art, of course!

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If the Old Masters were alive today, with the access to computers and modern graphic design technology, what would they do? How would they present their art and design upon products and market it? How would they digitally master their designs and profit from their creative expression?

This site uses work which is in the public domain to explore these questions. It is an experimental art project in progress. The intent is to explore the creative process, to expand the mind and offer everyone a new insight into the work of the Old Master. Included may be well known images or work which is less familiar. How would the great Art, design and photographs of dead artist be rendered and presented in the 21st Century? What designs would catch the imagination and stimulate the markets? Which of the Old Masters would be the New Masters of the 21st Century? This site attempts to answer that question. Enjoy!


The following are a representation of New Age Mona Lisa designs produced by the artist some of which are available upon merchandise.

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It's Art Mona Lisa

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Mona Lisa Moose

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Mona Lisa Deer

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Mona Lisa Moose Blue

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The Mona Lisa #2005a

The above design is what I call a morphic carpet. This image is built using the face of a model, creating a collage of multiple images which are then morphed to produce a design which resembles an oriental carpet and gives a wonderful appealing abstract design. Such abstraction also creates a series of totems, one face atop the other and hence may be regarded as being highly spiritual in nature. These type of morphic portraits make ideal product designs which are also a form of Fine Art. These designs are available for special commission and may be made based upon any personal portrait that one may submit. The price for creating a New Age Mona Lisa similar to the one exhibited above is $29.95. The products below show how such a design looks upon merchandise.

Is It Art? No, It's Art!

Is it Art, plagiary, piracy or simply inspiration to learn from and profit from the works of the Old Masters? In the 21st Century with digital cameras everywhere, even inside cell phones, can an art student, teacher or even a professor, walk through a museum or sculpture park, take photographs, return to the classroom and use captured images to produce new art?

My parents took me to the Louvre in Paris when I was a young child. There I saw a master artist with his easel setup painting an exact copy of the Mona Lisa which he later sold. Then I wondered around the Louvre, exploring its great works of art, even going down into the basement to view ancient Egyptian treasures. This taught me from a very young age to be aware of the great works of art which have served as an inspiration. With the advent of the digital age I would argue that it is impossible for a creative artist of any genius whatsoever who is aware of Art History and the works of the Old Masters, to not incorporate such images into new and original works of art or digitally mastered productions for the commercial market, giving credit, of course, where credit is due.

Therefore I would like to thank all the Old Masters who have come before me, from the cavemen who drew and pecked pictures upon rocks and cave wall, to the great builders of temples and monoliths to the Old Masters! I thank all creative minds who have lived, loved and reflected their joy in life for their inspiration! May the work I produce do justice to your memories and keep others towering for generations to come!

Terry Lynch
Master Artist/Designer

Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

How we are all influenced by the media and bombarded by images of commercial advertisers to the point that we each have been seduced, raped by the media, exploited, our innocent minds molested, that the only salvation is to spit it all back out, and profit from the vomit!

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It's Art! Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

This classic work was drawn by none other than the great Leonardo da Vinci himself! It has been widely circulated, is known to all students of Art History who have studied the work of the Old Masters, and is in the public domain. What better image to use to illustrate the well known truism that "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!" The original sketch was digitally remastered to give the feeling of a pastel drawing adding a pink hue to contribute to the psychological appeal of men and women everywhere! Make the Old Masters part of your life with this great treasure!

High brow art professors working for museums and universities have long considered it plagiary to use or incorporate the work of other artists, living or dead, into one's own work, particularly when appropriate credit is not given to the original source. Even great modern artists have had to deal with this controversial issue. Picasso was one of the first and most prolific modern artists to incorporate objects from ordinary life into his work, producing what are now regarded as great masterpieces of collage art.

In the 21 Century it has become easy to use digital technology to produce collage style works of art, incorporating images from all aspects of life. Digital photographs or scans of magazines, newspapers, television programs broadcasts and all manner of media images may be readily recorded, chopped up, copied and pasted into a new work of art to produce an assemblage, a synthesis, using building blocks from multiple sources to create genuine New Age Art. The results can be quite marvelous, complex and utterly overwhelming, images which have so much content that they strike awe into the mind and can be puzzling or bewildering, causing neural sensor overload!

When a score or more of images are used to create a new work of art, who does one give credit to? When a hundred or a thousand images are used to produce a magnificent collage, all images morphed together, who does one give credit to? Obviously one must give credit to each and every person who has influenced one's work. This is why I thank the Old Masters as well as the Ancient Ones who have each and everyone inspired my own work. This is why I thank the builders of temples and monoliths who have inspired my own creation of monolithic structures, even if they are just digitally mastered works with an ethereal existence inside a microchip!

I would argue that it is impossible to be born and live in the 21st Century and not be influenced by the media, literally bombarded by images, such that any and all art one might create has been the result of such bombardment. Certainly commercial advertisers begin plugging and peddling their wares to children as soon as they are old enough to watch television. Should any of those children grow up and use images of these advertisers in their art and profit from it, I say, MORE POWER TO THEM! If commercial advertisers are going to be dumping their images into our minds from the day we are born, than it is our right to reflect that experience in art and also to profit from it! Should any owners of commercial products, trademarks or other "intellectual property rights" object, I'm sorry! You have dumped your commercials, propaganda and other garbage into the minds of the young people of this world and now it is their God given right to reflect their experience in art!

In this regard I am not just referring to myself and how I have been dumped upon by commercial advertisers through all forms of media, I am referring to all young people, to children, to babies, to young adults, to their parents and everyone else! We all have been bombarded by commercial advertisements. Our minds have been filled with images. We have been polluted with commercial images and advertisements. Those who have produced products and services and bombarded the public with their commercials and advertising claim these images belong to them! Well I'm sorry, but because these images were given to the world, broadcast for all to see and hear, they are now in the public domain, just as in the Mona Lisa! Thus should some commercial advertisement or image creep into my art work, I give credit to the owner, while at the same time thanking you for the inspiration and letting you know the end product of my reflection, the art which I produce, belongs to me!

We all have been dumped upon by the media, by commercial advertisers. Those who own trademarks dump images and sales pitches into the minds of millions upon billions of people, and then have the gull to claim that they own those images they have bombarded the public with time and again since birth! This is a form of exploitation, driven by greed, which has polluted the minds of the public. I say that the best way to get rid of the pollution is to spit it back out through the creative process. If the end result is a can of Campbell's soup plastered upon a canvas or Marilyn Monroe morphed into a moose in a rainbow collage, then so be it! This is Art!

Greed drives commercial advertisers. The result is that everyone has been effected through the bombardment of their minds with commercials. Billions of images have been stored in everyone's mind. An artist of the 21st Century cannot create Art without reflecting those images which have polluted his or her mind. Whether one draws and renders the human body or that of an insect, some influence of the commercial media may creep into the production. How does one give credit to subliminal advertisers or unconscious influences? And is images are selected from the mass media to express and reflect one's experience, does this mean a crime has been committed each time an artist uses such an image?

I would argue that because commercial advertisers have bombarded the public with images, and have profited from such pollution of young and old minds, alike, that nothing more is owed to these mind polluters! Our minds have already been polluted by an infinite amount of commercial advertisement so why should anyone pay anything more or give any credit to those commercial advertisers who have so injured our minds as to fill them with such garbage! It is right and just, therefore, that all creative people empty their minds of commercial filth and use it to create art which may be marketed to bring some profit to the artist and compensate the artist for the commercial pollution their minds have suffered!

This is certainly a radical idea! Take it or leave it! My challenge for all young minds, for all students and teachers of Art is to empty your minds of the commercial advertisement you have been exposed to, to spit it out on canvas, to vomit it from your gut, to cut your veins and bleed forth the commercial garbage that has polluted your heart, mind body and soul! Only once this has been done can you begin to reflect your true self and express that ultimate being of love which is YOU!

The public has been seduced by commercial advertisers. This seduction has also involved the promotion of celebrities which have become iconic figures. The public has been seduced by profiteers promoting everyone from Elvis Presley to the Beatles, from Michael Jackson to the Rolling Stones, from Jesus H. Christ to the Madonna! We all have been seduced by commercial advertisers promoting iconic figures. They bombard our minds with images and sounds and claim all rights to such images and sounds, stamping them with copyrights and trademarks, employing lawyers to protect their rights, all the while continuing to bombard the public with images and sounds, and making a big fuss over anyone who infringes upon their "intellectual property rights," through the production of their own art!

It is all hypocrisy, really! A creative person cannot live in the 21st Century and make art without being influenced by commercial advertisers. Certainly I respect the legal rights of other artists and musicians as well as owners of products or services. But I also realize that commercial advertisers through the mass media have exposed the public to an endless barrage of images and sounds and that it is impossible to create anything new without a synthesis of all that one has experienced in life, including their exposure to commercial advertising.

It is therefore that I challenge students, teachers and professional artist on all levels to create collage style art, morphic art and other New Age Art which expresses the symbols, slogans and commercial advertising and propaganda they have been exposed to, that their influence may be noted and duly expunged! In so doing it is each creative person's right to profit from their art and craft. As long as credit is given where credit is due, as long as one recognizes that their work has been inspired by commercial advertisers and exposure to the mass media, no harm is done. That is exactly what I have done in creating what I call, "It's Art!"

It's Art is digitally mastered works which have been inspired from by work that is in the public domain. This includes work of the Old Masters as well as countless images which have been bombarding my mind since a child, images from nature, images from the mass media, and images from my imagination. All these images are as a universal palette of infinite variety, without limit in figure and form, from which I gather color, shape, size and shadow, throwing it back out, splattering it upon canvas, to create New Age Art, what I call "It's Art!"

It's Art are without a doubt new and original creations. It's Art! is great Art in the tradition of all the Old Masters which have gone before me. I have recognized the fact that I have been influenced by the Old Masters, by everyone from the caveman to Picasso and Jackson Pollack! I have recognized the fact that I have consumed my Wheaties, drank my Coke-Cola, eaten my Campbell's Soup and taken my Robitussin! I have been influenced by everyone from Jesus Christ to Michael Jackson and Madonna! Should their images crop up in my art and design, they were freely given through commercial advertising and dumped into the public domain of my mind and the minds of billions of other people, such that I have every legal right to express those images and to profit from my artistic expression, as does every other artist!

I'm sure this position will irk some greedy lawyers and their clients. They will say and claim that they own the Mona Lisa, that they own Rembrandt, that they Picasso, that they own my ass hole! But the fact is these commercial advertisers who have dumped their images into the public domain do NOT own the art which comes through the reflection and regurgitation of those images! Every artists owns their original, unique creations from the moment they are regurgitated upon canvas, be that canvas made of cotton, linen or digital pixels!

This does not mean, of course, that one may take a trade mark or logo which belongs to another and put it upon a product and market it as counterfeit. What I am talking about is the creation of ART, not counterfeit merchandise. There is a BIG difference. If you take the logo or name "Coca-Cola" and put it upon a beverage, obviously that is the production of a counterfeit. However, if one creates a work of collage style art and shows Mickey Mouse within that collage or someone drinking a coke, that is not an infringement upon anyone's copyright, especially not Mickey Mouse's, given this fanciful animated creature is imaginary and though owned by Disney, has certainly been dumped into every child's mind making the image public domain.

I'm sure some would disagree. But what I am saying is a fact. Mickey Mouse is now an icon. I recall a collage style painting done my my late brother, Stephen N. Lynch, which included Mickey Mouse as an iconic figure. My brother much admired Walt Disney and certainly was influenced by Disney's creation of animated cartoon type figures. By including Mickey Mouse in his artwork, my brother was honoring Walt Disney and expressing the fact that Walt Disney had influenced his life and inspired him to develop his own artistic talents. In a like manner, my usage of iconic figures, real or imagined, in my own art work is simply a way to honor those who created such figures, to recognize the fact they have been an inspiration, and to thank them for their contribution.

Of course there have been influences that are not always positive. The manner in which Adolf Hitler used the swastika has tarnished that ancient symbol to such a high degree it may never be restored to its original meaning as a symbol of harmony; rather, it is now regarded as a symbol of hatred and prejudice associated with the mass murder and genocide of the millions of people, including some 8 million Jewish people, intellectuals, Christians, Gipsies and persons with mental retardation, handicaps and other physical or mental characteristics regarded as "undesirable" by the Nazis.

Symbols are powerful! It is with this understanding that I do use symbols in my artwork. Known and recognized symbols evoke emotion. Yet the meaning of a symbol may vary from person to person. A good example of this is the Confederate flag AKA Battle flag. To many black Americans the Confederate flag is a symbol of racial hatred and prejudice, given its usage in this context by hate groups. Yet to others the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern heritage, given it was originally created as a flag of the Confederate States of America. In this regard it is truly a "Rebel Flag" and may be regarded as a symbol of rebellion.

Regardless of what you think about the Confederate flag, you must admit it is a powerful symbol. The usage of powerful symbols in art, and their commercialization, does not mean that the artist endorses the prejudice associated with those symbols. Such symbols may be used in commercial art simply to generate a profit or following, which is basically what governments, political groups, churches and other institutions do any time they adopt a symbol or associate themselves with a symbol. As an artist I sometimes incorporated well recognized symbols into my art to evoke the emotions associated with those symbols, pro or con, and to profit also from the commercialization of such symbols. Why should not I be allowed to profit from the usage of any symbol in art, just as do others? Given symbols have been dumped into my mind, just as have been commercial advertisements, I regard all symbols as in the public domain and fair usage for all artist!

I hope this explanation helps everyone understand better what It's Art is all about. It's Art is Art for Art's sake! It's Art is the free association and expression of one's self, a dance of images, a song of design, a flight of creative impulses cast forth for all to enjoy! I hope this gift of love, what I call It's Art warms your heart, brings joy and happiness unto your life, and inspires your own creation, imagination and dreams!

Terry Lynch
Master Artist/Designer


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The Mona Lisa #2005a

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The Mona Lisa #2005a

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The Mona Lisa #2005a

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The Mona Lisa #2005a

Fish in the sky was produced to illustrate Sightings. The work was produced using a photograph of the Taj Mahal. A crude UFO was drawn using a mouse. Then PhotoSuite III was used to change the color, cartoonize the graphic and cut/paste to produce the "fish" in the reflection pool. The idea is that the fish reflects in the sky to produce a mirage of an UFO instead of vice-versa. Yet because the fish is underwater it also looks like a reflection of the UFO.

Please note that just as I use icons in my work, I use famous monuments, buildings or other structures for symbolic reasons. For example, The Taj Mahal may symbolize undying devotion or love to a kindred spirit as well as a majestic example of architecture. Often I use great or majestic wonders in my designs as symbolism to evoke emotions associated with those objects.

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Fish in the sky

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Fish in the sky

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Fish in the sky

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Keys To Success on

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So I've been involved with stimulating others to express themselves creatively for many years. It is a complement if others see my work and are inspired to make their own art and designs and market them on That my creative expression may inspire others to make their own creative expressions is like lighting a candle and spreading the light! It is passing the torch to a new generation that the love, happiness and joy does not end, but goes on forever!

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Censorship vs. Creativity

The rapid growth of the Internet concurrent with advances in technology such as digital cameras, scanners and services which enable immediate reproduction and marketing of graphic designs upon merchandise, has resulted in what I like to call the Great Censorship Wars or the Cyber Art Wars. Which should rule, the right of the artist and creative person or the rights big businesses who want to control the media, maintain power and control over images and music, and prevent any usage of material and its marketing by struggling artist?

Since the advent of copyright laws and trade marks, a creative artist may no longer create a design or a series of designs and market these widely without risk of infringing upon the intellectual property rights of a big company, industry or institution. For example, you cannot make a series of I (Heart) designs for every state as when you come to New York, that state holds a copyright on the I (Heart) NY design. Thus a series of I (Heart) state designs would be incomplete and forever void in this respect, an insult to the creative process.

I ran into this problem when I produce a series of I (Heart) state designs to market on product produced by Sometime after making the I (Heart) NY and I (Heart) NYC designs I was harassed by lawyers who threatened to sue me! It was a most honorable way to recognize me and give credit to the worth of my art and design. Who would think that the State of New York and a big law firm would pay little old me any attention? So I have considered this a badge of honor every sense!

Over time I have worked to build an on-line gallery and emporium reflecting my original designs and creation which are marketed via in the Byteland Art Gallery. As I am a prolific artist, I often produce series type designs. This sometimes causes conflicts with big businesses or institutions which may own a trademark. As a result I have won many badges of honor for allegedly "infringing upon the intellectual property rights" and having my work censored!

In Welcome to the Censorship Wars I have expounded at length in regard to the issue of creativity vs. censorship, freedoms of speech vs. respect of trade marks. As a creative artist I have endeavored to see both sides of the issue and express most profoundly the artist's point of view. When Leonardo da Vinci created the Mona Lisa copyright and trade mark laws did not exist. Yet there were still censors in the form of the Catholic church, theological monarch who prevented the publication or presentation of any ideas or views, no matter how sound of reason, went against the established church and state and the view of the world as created by God.

It took the Catholic church five hundred years to apologize with respect to the revolutionary truths revealed by Galileo and as many years to reconcile with the works of Leonardo da Vinci. I figure that the censors of the 21st Century are much like the censors of the 15th or 16th Centuries, conservative tyrants who worship laws created and written by men dead for generations, who claimed to see and know God, to maintain their power and control over people.

One aspect of that power and control relates to the censorship of thoughts and ideas, symbols and visions, the imagination that the way the majority of humanity perceives the universe is not the only possibility, that what can be dreamed and imagined may be true and that a different reality may be created based upon that which is dreamed and imagined. Truth is what is pounded into our heads; but the creative artist, those who dream and imagine, those who dare to challenge the established order, may destroy that order and create a new world. That is the reason censors fear creative artist and seek to prevent freedom of speech and expression.

Make no doubt about it, there is a Censorship War. Artist and other creative people may often be their own worst enemy if they permit censorship or become so competitive that they destroy each other's means of support and livelihood. This is why artists and creative individuals must unite, must form art guilds and unions, shops and stores, even factories under their own power and control. Otherwise we who dream and imagine will always be slaves to the big industries and tyrants of the world.

It is the censors who see the Mona Lisa as the Mona Lisa and cannot imagine anything else. Yet when I look a the Mona Lisa I see infinite possibility, infinite variation, all that can be of man or woman. Thus I have created morphic art, using as a palette the Mona Lisa and other works of the Old Masters. They have little to lose being long in their grave. Yet the living have much to gain, seeing how great beauty, wonder, love and joy may be created from the works of the Old Masters.

I hope that these new creations inspire others to view the possibilities which exist for change, that we each may contribute to making the world a better place.

Peace and love the whole world over!
Terry Lynch

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On January 1, 2006 Butterfly Magic was released. Digitized Luna Moths escaped onto the Internet and began to slowly spread and multiply. It was the beginning of a digital revolution and the evolution of a new cyber life form. By visiting Butterfly Magic you may help take part in that process and illuminate and enhance the Internet. Enjoy!

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Cyber Sojourn: World Travel & Adventure Exploring Symbolism Blog describing the Artist's epic journey around the world. Travel with the artist around the world exploring the great monuments, art galleries and symbolism. The art you see in this gallery is the result of extensive study of symbolism and Art History. The Artist has explored all aspects of Art including that of the Ancient People of the Southwestern USA to that of the Masters! Read Cyber Sojourn and learn what goes into the making of a masterpiece! Updates will be prepared over time from the field and when the Artist is back in his studio.

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The work of the Old Masters is in the public domain. All the original digital images and famous art works seen upon this site were created prior to the invention of the concept of copyright law and are in the public domain. No claim is made to any of the original works of the old masters and/or copies of those genuine works. If you see an image upon this site and believe it is not in the public domain please contact the artist.

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