Good Shepherd Dog Animal Rescue (GSD Animal Rescue), Inc.

A Nonprofit Corporation, Established 2009
For the benefit and rescue of homeless animals.


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Groups working to promote adoption of homeless animals are struggling for survival just as are the animals they are working to save. Too often city and county governments just do not provide financial support for those groups, organizations and individuals trying to help homeless animals. The end result is that million of homeless animals are destroyed every year right here in America! This is a terrible realization. Many of the animals being destroyed could be saved if there were just financial support. Because city and state government will not support animal adoption and rescue efforts, it is necessary that individuals, churches, civic groups and other organizations do this. This site advocates membership donations as well as the purchase of gifts and apparel to help support operations. This will help reduce adoption fees in the future. Please help raise awareness, promote the adoption of homeless animals and support this site with these adorable gifts and apparel. Thank you for your patronage!

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