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Firefly Evolution

This page presents theories with respect to firefly evolution.

Species specific behavior supports evolution vs. creation

The following release has been made to the media to demonstrate how firefly behavior supports the theory of evolution and disproves the theory of divine creation, given that subtle variations in behavior which characterize and define genera and species and are linked to genes, may only occur if one behavior exist prior to another, negating the idea of instantaneous creation.

Dear Editor:

The fact that evolution has occurred and creation is a myth is assuredly expressed by that most marvelous of summer night delights, the firefly. One of the species common to our area is Photinus pyralis which for the majority of its life lives as a gregarious, reclusive larvae eating earthworms. P. pyralis paralyzes its earthworm prey, sections it into smaller pieces, then inters itself with the earthworm to feast upon the living sections, eating its prey alive, cleaning up afterwards by wiping its head with its anal appendage, a mop-like organ which also aids in locomotion!

There is another genus of firefly, Photuris, which inhabits the fields and forests of our area. Yet the larvae of this species are aggressive toward one another, scavenging for food and quickly chasing other larvae of their own kind away if they should draw too near. The adults of this species continue their aggressive behavior and will bite off the heads of the more gentile Photinus after mimicking the flash response of a female.

Each species of firefly exhibits a different flash pattern and often this unique behavior is the only factor which enables males and females to locate each other. Two fireflies may look exactly alike yet be entirely different species, their flash patterns like finger prints which serves to identify males and females to one another.

What could be more marvelous than a creature which glows, spits acid, wipes its head with its ass (anal appendage), and finds its mate by flashing its lantern as it flies in a twilight courtship dance through the night! The only explanation for such genus-species specific behavior is evolution. This is evident by the clear and certain fact that species may differentiate simply via subtle variation in their genes, variations so minute that they change only the associated mating behavior.

These variations, I contend, could not have been created in an instant. They require that one behavior exist before another may be established as a variation. Thus the species specific courtship behavior of fireflies and contrasting behavior of firefly larvae of different genera, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that evolution occurs and creation is a fanciful myth!

Terry Lynch

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