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The Firefly Art Gallery will present original works of art with incorporate firefly images.

P. pyralis Totem Carpet by  T.A. Lynch

P. Pyralis Totem Carpet by Terry Lynch -- The mystery and mystique of the firefly has long inspired artists who have rendered lampyridae in art and immortalized fireflies in literature. This tradition is continued with P. Pyralis Totem Carpet, an abstract digital art design produced by morphing the head of a P. pyralis larva worn as a crown by the artist. Such an enlightened design might be used to adorn stain glass windows of a cathedral, as a pattern for an Oriental carpet or fabric, or as a decorative art in the home or office of doctors, lawyers or entomology professors. Anyone wishing to use photographs or art herein to illustrate books or articles should contact Terry Lynch

More Alien than Alien

More Alien than Alien -- Digital art produced by morphing photograph of P. pyralis with that of the author, Terry Lynch. What knowledge might humanity gleam from studying fireflies? How might this benefit or improve the human species? Who is the more alien species, fireflies or humanity? These and other questions are explored and offered for consideration.

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