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Please help Faye's Big Give! Faye before she became ill.

Please help! I am asking everyone to contribute to my BIG GIVE. Just click on the secure link below to help make Faye's Big Give come true. Thank you for your generosity and heart felt support! God bless you all!

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About Faye's Big Give

Faye's Big Give was inspired by Oprah Winfrey's "Big Give" project. This is a not-for-profit effort to make Faye's Big Give come true. You can learn more about Faye's Big Give and wishes by reading the story below. Thank you for your generous help and support! May God's blessing go with you and yours!

Hello! My name is Faye. Please help make my Big Give come true. I was struck with a serious illness and everything I worked my whole life for, which was for my children, has been lost. I am asking everyone to please help give to my dearest child, to help recover from the loss that has been suffered.

I am asking nothing for myself; I want only to help my children. All I want is to help my dearest child who has suffered greatly due to the corruption and greed of others. When I became ill everything that I worked my whole life for was lost, taken away by the state of Alabama, by corrupt judges and lawyers. My wishes were ignored, my desires for my dearest child were ignored. All my dreams, wishes and desires were treated like garbage and ignored so that those playing God might profit from my illness and disease.

I am asking that everyone please help my youngest child, Terry, recover all that has been lost. I placed all my hope for the future in Terry and it was raped and robbed by greedy, corrupt, brutish judges, lawyers and nursing home officials who have no dignity nor respect for my wishes and desires. It is an absolute abomination that I should be exploited and treated like a non person, like a non citizen, in this manner.

Faye's life was saved by her son, Terry, who called 911 after she became unconscious on 28 April, 2003. Terry authorized tube feeding and blood transfusions to save his mother's life. Terry also prayed for her recovery! To spite this, lawyers appointed by a corrupt, misinformed judge who was lied to by hostile relatives and deceived by greedy, for-profit nursing home staffers, sued Terry in his mother's own name, a grave miscarriage of justice, so they could get power and control of family property and all of Faye's income and benefits. Terry consequently lost his home, automobile and much personal property worth over $250,000.00! Instead of responding to help Faye, everyone but her son, Terry, responded with greed, greed, and more greed! Such behavior was shameful and disgraceful of all parties involved, especially those who are suppose to be public servants and elder care providers!

What I dreamed and worked for my whole life is important. That my wishes and dreams, that my expressed desires should come to nothing is a great injustice. Therefore I am asking everyone to rectify this by contributing to my Big Give, and helping to restore and recover from the loss I have suffered, that my dreams may live on through my dearest child, Terry, who is a good and loving person.

What happened to me is a terrible misfortune. I became ill as I grew older. I was hospitalized and am now in room 13 of Crowne nursing home, in Montgomery, Alabama. The court went against my expressed wishes and desires and appointed lawyers to be my guardian/conservator. These lawyers then had the audacity to sue my dearest son, Terry, to take away his home. The result of this cruel and despicable act was the loss of everything I worked my whole life for, which was my children! Every mother who loves her children knows that they are what we live our lives for to a great extent. I love my children, and Terry was meant to have what was lost. So I'm asking everyone to help make my Big Give come true so what was stolen and lost can be restored.

This is a Big Give and a great wish. Much was sacrificed during my life for my children. I wanted Terry to be the one to benefit from those sacrifices me and my dearly loved husband, Lt. Col. Leonard P. Lynch, had made over the years. This was made perfectly clear when I appointed Terry as my attorney in fact in 1995 through a Durable Power of Attorney I signed of my own free will. This was a document I actually wrote myself and signed in the presence of a notary republic. That anyone should try to nullify this document and my expressed wishes and desire is an insult that is greatly disrespectful of my wishes and desires, done only for greed and selfish gain and personal profit!

I am hoping that everyone who reads this will help make my Big Give a reality. I want Terry to have everything that was lost restored. Therefore I established my Big Give so that everyone who wants to help someone who has suffered a great loss may do this for me.

As I said, I'm not asking anything for myself; I just want to help Terry. He is a good, honorable, loving and caring person. Terry sacrificed much of his life for me and my other child, Larry, to help us when we were in most need. Terry and I had established a trust fund for Larry, my child who was born with mental retardation. When the courts raped and robbed me of everything, they destroyed the trust I had established for Larry! This represents a grave and grievous exploitation of a person who is incapacitated. How anything like this can happen in America just makes me sick!

The dreams, wishes and desire I had are important. No court should be able to come along and say that my dreams, wishes and desires are not valid. Corrupt lawyers or hostile relatives should not be permitted to nullify my dreams, wishes and desires. Yet this was done. That is how some people responded to my illness and the terrible disease which I have, that dirty word that the elderly are labeled with, dementia!

Yet this should not be any reason to treat me as a non person. Me and my husband sacrificed much for our country, for America! I am an Army officer's widow, and to disrespect my wishes and desires is to negate all that was promised and given to me and my husband who sacrificed so much for his country. We gave much of our lives for our children that they would have those things we did not have. Now it has all been lost through the actions of a corrupt elder care system administered by greedy, selfish people who do not care what a old woman wants -- who care only for what they can get for themselves!

Therefore I'm asking everyone to help by making my Big Give come true. Please help. I am posting links so that you may make a donation and purchase gifts and apparel. When you purchase these gifts and apparel they will help my son, Terry, to recover from what has been lost. This includes our home, valued at over $250,000.00.

Terry lost his home which had to be put up for sale and was eventually foreclosed upon in prelude to the rash of foreclosures which swept across America and gravely effected poor, lower income people, those who had lost their jobs and the many elderly living upon a limited income. This would have never happened had Faye's wishes and desires been followed to let Terry act as her attorney in fact and guardian/conservator.

Our home was foreclosed upon because all my income was taken power and control over by corrupt lawyers, who sued my dearest son, Terry. This was an absolute insane way to respond to my illness. Terry was the one who saved my life, who prayed for me when I was close to death! For these corrupt, crazy lawyers to sue Terry and to do this in my name is absolutely insane and represents a grave injustice!

So I urge everyone who wants to help make my Big Give a reality, to please help. Give as much as you can. Here are ways you can help:

Your contributions and patronage will help make Faye's Big Give come true. You will be helping my son, Terry, who has suffered great loss through no fault of his own. You gifts will help much to rectify the injustice that has been done by those who do not respect the rights, wishes and dignity of an old woman, who have treated me like garbage, with dishonor and disrespect, who have thrown my wishes into the dumpster and who have done everything they can to lock me away and shut me up! Please help break the chains of bondage by contributing to Faye's Big Give! Thank you!

Faye S. Lynch
A nursing home prisoner and exploited elderly American

Nursing Home Prisoner

Faye is a nursing home prisoner in Montgomery, Alabama. She was transferred to Crowne nursing home after recovering in Jackson Hospital from a near death experience. Terry saved her life through his prayers and authorizing tube feeding and blood transfusions. She was placed in a nursing home for temporary rehabilitation. Terry wanted the best possible care for his dear mother and made arrangements to transfer Faye to a different, better nursing home where she would be under the care of a geriatrics specialist, not drugged so that she was like a zombie and get the best available, much needed and regular physical therapy. Crowne asked a judge to stop the transfer so they would not lose benefits and power and control of thousands of dollars. The judge made Faye a ward of the state of Alabama ignoring her wishes and desires as expressed in her Durable Power of Attorney. Because Faye was not allowed to designate, specify and appoint her own guardian/conservator, those with power and control over her life do not represent her expressed wishes and desires; they are basically corrupt, greedy and selfish lawyers who have acted so as to financially rape and rob her and her immediate family of all her income, assets and property. This represents a grave danger, the exploitation of the elderly and incapacitated, and an injustice. Faye cannot ask for anything for herself as it would just be stolen by corrupt officials and those who have exploited her. Given that she is the widow of an Army officer, she does have a good benefit package; in fact, the exploitation of her benefits is one reason Crowne did not want her moved. Even though Faye would have been better off at a different nursing home, one not motivated by greed, she is still at Crowne, a nursing home prisoner, placed in room 13, a to humiliate and disgrace her, where she has already witnessed others die. Room 13 is every bit like a prison cell; it's a tiny, nosey, concrete block room where no sane person would want their mother to live her last days! Yet she has been locked away, behind electric doors, iron fences with a security guard 24/7. Her only escape is into her memories. Faye always wished that her home and property would fall to her son, Terry, but all has been lost. Faye's Big Give is an effort to restore her pride, dignity and respect; that Faye's wishes and desires be made a reality despite the selfish greed and desire others have to play God with her life. Please help make Faye's Big Give come true! What each parent wants for their children, even their adult children, is important. Judges, lawyers and greedy nursing home operators should not have the right to take away what people have worked their whole lives for, to destroy wishes and dreams of people just because they have grown old. To destroy the wishes and dreams of the elderly, to hurt and harm their immediate families by financially raping and robbing them, is a travesty of justice! Please help make Faye's Big Give a reality and restore what has been lost. Thank you for your help, support and patronage. May God bless all who help achieve Faye's Big Give!


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