La Faye S. Lynch Nursing Home Prisoner

How you can fight against exploitation of the elderly

Grant me the right to appoint my own guaridan/conservator!
La Faye S. Lynch, widow of US Army Ret. Lt. Col. Leonard P. Lynch (deceased) has been victimized by the legal system of Alabama through the deceit, dishonesty and misconduct of corrupt lawyers.

La Faye S. Lynch has been made a prisoner against her will, her only crime, growing old!

This is a terrible travesty of justice and represents an extreme form of exploitation of the elderly in America.

Those who have participated in this injustice, including judges, lawyers and health care administrators, should be striped of their titles and positions and made to pay restitution.

Everyone who is in sympaty with La Faye S. Lynch and the elderly in America who are similarly being exploited and deprived of their basic human rights and dignity are urged to take a stand against this immorality.

You can help by taking direct action to change the system and work to gurantee the rights of every elderly American citizen. Here are some steps you may take:

  1. Send cards, letters, flowers, gift baskets or other expressions of sympathy to:

  2. Write to your Senator and Congressional Representative urging that they support the Support the ER (Elder Rights) Amendment

    Support the ER (Elder Rights) Amendment!

    Click on pic to visit the ERA Emporium

  3. Write to your state representatives and urge that the support ER (Elder Rights) legislation such that every citizen may appoint their own guardian/conservator and that of their dependents.

  4. Write letters to newspapers and the media expressing this and other cases of elder exploition and/or abuse. Site examples of how the elderly are being exploited by corrupt judges, lawyers and care providers, including nurshing homes and their administrators.

  5. Visit nursing homes in your community and write to newspapers and the media to site examples of how the elderly are being warehoused, noisy environments, diseased conditions, poor performance by staff and other health and welfare concerns. Urge that warehousing of the elderly be outlawed and replaced by in home hospice and/or nurshing care.

  6. Support the ERA (Elder Rights Association), a grassroots effort to raise awareness about how the elderly are being exploited in America. The ERA was founded by Terry Lynch , a political activist and advocate for the health, care and welfare of the elderly, mentally challenged and children and animals everywhere.

  7. If you know of other examples of alleged elder exploitation please report them in the Cyber Alarm Forum, a free, interactive site where you can help expose corruption, that by bringing it to light, those responsible may be brought to justice.

    Click on pic to visit the Cyber Alarm Forum!
    Click on pic to visit the Cyber Alarm Forum!

  8. Organize local nonviolent demonstrations and picketing of nurshing homes to protest how elderly are warehoused and treated like prisoners. Permits may be required to picket facilities or businesses and protestors must be careful to remain upon public property, not to trespass upon private property. Check with local officials and authorities anytime you organize a demonstration or picket and be careful to obey state, city and federal laws in these regards.

  9. Establish web sites to promote awareness about issues related to the health, care and warefare of the elderly

  10. Write petitions related to elder health and care issues; have these signed by members of the community and submitted to state representatives urging that they pass new laws to protect the rights of the elderly. One such petition might entitled "Petiton for Elder Rights" may read:

  11. Organize demonstration at state capitols to advocate the Support the ER (Elder Rights) Amendment.

  12. Form a local chapter/state chapter of the ERA and have regular monthly meetings to advocate rights for the elderly. These local chapters may be organized as not-for-profit corporations and may qualify as 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Contact Terry Lynch if you would like to organize a local/state chapter of the ERA.

  13. Speak with television and radio officials about health care and other issues related to the elderly.

  14. Help raise awareness with regard to the warehousing of the elderly. Lynch has produced a number of digitally mastered designs available upon high quality merchandise that anyone may use to express their concern for the elderly in America.

    Stop Warehousing Elderly Americans!

    Stop Warehousing Elderly Americans! Click on pic to visit the ERA Emporium

Stop Warehousing Elderly Americans

Click on pic to visit store

Available on T-shirts, jerseys, mugs, mouse pads and other quality products!

This design features boxes which say "Elderly," "Alzheimer's," and "Dementia" stacked in a warehouse symbolic of how state governments are geared up to deny elderly Americans their rights by warehousing them. Proceeds from the marketing of these items will be used to support this site and the movement to end the warehousing of elderly Americans. We are a great nation and we have the resources to provide all the in home nursing care for our elderly parents and grandparents if we would just do it! But so long as the elderly care system is under funded, mismanaged and broken, corrupt government employees and greedy lawyers will continue to exploit the elderly! The first step to changing the laws and the system in YOU taking a stand to STOP WAREHOUSING ELDERLY AMERICANS! Thanks for you support of this critical issue!

Letter Writing Campaigns

Writing a letter to the editor of major newspapers and media can help enlighten and inform readers. Your letter can be easily submitted to hundreds of newspapers. Just write a 250 word letter with a link to ERA at and send your letter via email to hundreds of newspapers. You can generate your own email list of newspapers/editors using the service at the Media Awareness Project. Use the MAP email search directory and do a two letter search for your state as FL, TX, CA, NY or IL. This will generate an email list that you can cut/paste and save as a text file. Then you can use this email list in your address book of groups to send your letter to the editor. Other good searches are for names of newspapers such as SUN, POST, TRIBUNE, DAILY, CHRONICLE, HERALD, ADVERTISER, ADVOCATE, JOURNAL, GUARDIAN, VOICE or NEWS. Be sure to include your real name, home address and phone number as many newspapers will want to varify that you are the author and give you notice that they will print your letter. The MAP site also has very good information that can help you to write better editorial letters. Remember to include a link to the ERA site at so that people will be able to visit this link, research the topic and become better educated. Over time this will have a great effect as each letter on this issue that is published will reach tens of thousands of people. In this way over time more people may become active and help promote the health, education and welfare as it related to elderly and prevent exploitation of the elderly and their dependents. Note: when using MAP to generate email list you may need to edit the resulting list to add a comma between each entry before droping it into the "send" or "groups" section of your email server or address book. Also some ISP like AOL may only permit sending 25 emails per letter, and may flag your account if you try sending too many emails at once. This is done to avoid spam and/or for other security reasons. You should contact your ISP to be sure there is no limit placed upon the number of emails you can send or to check to see if there are limits. Also some newspapers will only publish letters that are sent exclusively to them, in which case you may wish to vary your letter and submit it as an exclusive to only a single newspaper.

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