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Position Paper
Stop dumping on America!

The Support America Campaign

The purpose of this page is to educate and inform the public with regard to copyright issues and the creative process, to promote the freedom of speech and expression and make clear to all those concerned with issues related to creative process that any attempt to censor that process will be resisted and challenged.

New York City is not somewhere I would ever want to live. The people who live in New York City have been brainwashed to believe it is a good city to live in. They have been seduced by big money. As a consequence the area has become overcrowded, polluted and generally unsuitable for human habitation.

New York City produces so much garbage that it has exhausted available landfill space and has to resort to exporting its garbage to other states or dumping barges of garbage into the ocean, polluting the sea, killing and destroying marine life, including dolphins and whales and numerous species of fish. Plus the pollution caused by New York City has contaminated many marine animals used as food.

New York City is infested with cockroaches and rats which live and breed in the filth produced by the general population. Its waste management services have contributed to organized crime in the past and its garbage now threatens to spill out and contaminate landfills across America! In the aftermath of 9/11 there has been much sympathy directed toward New York City. But the attack on the World Trade Center which destroyed the Twin Towers was an attack upon ALL of America, not just New York City. The attack of 9/11 was an attack on the Pentagon and the entire world! It was an attack on you and me, upon ALL Americans, no matter where we live. Therefore we all are justified in feeling hurt. All of America was terrorized by the events of 9/11. New York City cannot claim to be the only ones hurt by this terrorist attack. And New York City can not close its eyes to the other problems it has related to over population and over crowding.

Artists and writers have an obligation to speak out on issues of national importance. The problems faced by New York City and State can no longer be hidden under the guise of an "I Love New York" advertising campaign. The truth is this campaign has brainwashed New Yorkers and America. There is no more reason to love New York that to love any other state or city. We should love all of America, all of these United States!

Therefore I have created a series of I Love You designs for every state and many major cities. These designs grew out of my long-time concern for our country and my feelings in that regard were strengthened after 9/11. But these designs were in no way influenced by any existing "I Love You New York" designs. In fact, I only researched the registered trademarks of the USPTO after CafePress.com de-published two of my heart designs because it was alleged they infringed upon the copyrights of New York State Department of Economic Development (NYSDED).

I have sense seen the design and logos that are registered by NYSDED. I consider them to be very amateurish and radically different from my designs. In fact my designs are much better, are new and original and certainly more truthful when it comes to reflecting the real nature of New York City. My heart designs are honest and you can trust in them to not brainwash people!

Of course advertising art is, by its very nature, persuasive, compelling and designed to motivate people. But when we are talking about our own people, about patriotic American citizens, honest art does not lie, does not brainwash. That type of art is used in propaganda campaigns against our enemies, in times of war, not against our own citizens in times of peace. Yet when government or their agencies becomes involved in the promotion concepts and ideas, it becomes very easy for them to enter the realm of brainwashing.

Given that one of my heart designs says, "I love NYC -- Except for the traffic, noise and rats!" I can understand why NYSDED does not like it. They are in business to promote New York City and being a large and powerful department have, perhaps, entered into the act of brainwashing the people. As on artist and writer I am not employed by New York State or City and offer a more honest, realistic view of New York City. Therefore my designs do not brainwash people, but tell them the truth. Love is qualified through my heart designs that people are not blinded or indoctrinated by the state or government. My heart designs liberate the masses that hopefully they will move out of New York City and change their live for the better.

When people go to live and work in New York City, it corrupts them. They become seduced by the big city. Their morals degenerate. They become concerned primarily with money, with materialistic possessions. As a consequence New York City destroys people's lives, taking them away from nature and making them contribute to the mountains of garbage filling our country.

Artists and writers have an obligation to use their work to stimulate people, to cause and effect change in society. My heart designs, which promote qualified love, do exactly that. I tell people that they love New York City, but not its traffic, noise and rats. Hopefully this will cause the City of New York to solve its real problems and not be deluded by the idea that they can sweep their problems under the rug, can dump their garbage on the rest of America and somehow make their problems go away.

When New York City and State start dumping their garbage on the rest of America, their problems become our problems, become all of America's problem. When people who have lived in New York City travel to other cities and towns they bring their degenerated morality with them and become everyone's problem. Instead of letting New York City hurt and harm the rest of America, my heart designs motivate everyone to see the truth, to become enlightened, to get out of the big city and back to nature and stop dumping on America.

In promotion of this concept I have produced the design "I Love You, NYC -- But please stop dumping your garbage on the rest of America!" This means not only garbage from dumpsters, but the garbage of degenerated minds, forsaken morality and lost souls which comes from forgetting God's Laws and living in the filth, sin and degradation of a modern Soddam and Gomorrah!

Original heart designs produced by cutting out a heart template to make a unique heart shape and using Photo Suite to add an original slogan, type font and unique layout of the heart in an attractive and appealing arrangement.

I Love You -- New York City (NYC) Flag Heart -- But please stop dumping your garbage on the rest of America!
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I Love You -- New York City (NYC) Flag Heart -- But please stop dumping your garbage on the rest of America!

I Love You -- New York (NY) state Flag Heart -- But please stop dumping your garbage on the rest of America!
I Love You -- New York (NY) state Flag Heart -- But please stop dumping your garbage on the rest of America! -- Design II
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These designs serve as an example of the many types of original heart designs that can be produced by creative artists and writesr. You are encouraged to make your own original heart designs to spread love around the nation!
Although this design is not currently being marketed, other heart designs are available through Cafepress.com.

I'm sure this design will not be well received by the State of New York or the City of New York. But quite frankly I don't give a damn! They can keep their garbage!

I happen to live in Alabama. Our state's motto is "Alabama the beautiful!" I don't want New York City's garbage in Alabama! I don't want New York States garbage in Alabama. I don't want waste management services carting truck loads of garbage to Alabama and dumping it in our forest and meadows! I don't want New York City loading barges with garbage and dumping it in the Gulf of Mexico! I don't want New York City's garbage, whether it be claimed to be free of hazardous waste or not. As far as I'm concerned the vary idea of dumping New York City's garbage on Alabama and the rest of America is hazardous!

The idea that New York City or any huge metropolis can be permitted to dump garbage on other states is immoral and should be made illegal! This shipping of garbage around the country and dumping it in pristine environments has to stop! It is destroying America much more than the 9/11 attack on America! In fact the practice of dumping garbage from big cities in other states is a form of environmental terrorism!

So I intend to use my art work and writing to enlighten humanity to the fact that New York City may have a lot of lovable people, but I don't want even the most angelic of them dumping garbage in my backyard, in my driveway or on me! New York City can keep its garbage! This applies equally well to every other metropolis which would like to dump its garbage on Alabama the beautiful!

I would like to make millions of copies of my heart designs and put them on everything. I would like them to be in shops and stores across America. I intend to promote my original heart designs and any investors who want to join in this business adventure are invited to contribute venture capital.

Big cities can change their behavior and clean up their messes without dumping on America. Toward this end I shall endeavor. That's what my heart designs are all about, enlightening people, promoting qualified love -- for unless we love honestly our love is blind and contributes only to our defeat by the terrorists and money grubbing garbage dumpers within our own nation.

Earts & the Support America Campaign
9 January, 2003

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