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Help save Byteland! Byteland is under attack by cyber terrorists, hackers and pirates who have no respect for intellectual property rights. Peace and Love have taken refuge in Byteland. World peace is at stake. You can help by playing this real life game. The goal is to share this link with as many people as you can and Save Byteland.

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Angel on Facebook Angel is our mascot and guide dog. Click on Angel to visit great sites. Angel is barking up a storm on Facebook encouraging responsible pet owners to adopt a rescue dog or cat and provide them with forever homes. Many dogs listed on Angel's FB page will be put down and destroyed by heartless so called "animal shelters" unless they are adopted soon. Please click on Angel's pic to visit our FB page. Don't forget to leave a comment for Angel. Thanks!

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All My Squidoos

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  • Cybersojourn -- Travels through cyberspace inspire digital art creations
  • The Cyber Wars -- PI discovers exploitation which leads to The Cyber Wars
  • Angel The God Sent Dog -- This is Angel's blog. Angle is working to help save the lives of homeless animals.

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